New Secrets in Old Set-up!!

Vikram Bhat

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Khamoshiyan:New Secrets in Old Set-up!!

New Secrets in Old Set-up!!  

Spoiler Warning – Care has been taken not to touch the suspense or discuss plot in detail, but still if you want unadulterated experience please read after watching..enlightened

FACT – Khamosh! Just walk don’t talk....    
fact – If Khamoshiyaan isn’t silent, why are you gagging me? BTW where are we going..?

FACT – There, look in the distance...     
fact – Oh man! It looks like a haunted house..surprise

FACT – Yes, writers go to haunted house in search of stories..
fact – Doesn’t their house haunt them enough?

FACT – No, this Writer Kabir (Ali Fazal) needs extra haunting to break the block of leaving every story incomplete..  
fact – So he risks his life and lands in this haunted Guest House which is run by Hot Siren Meera (Sapna Pabbi). kiss

FACT – And continues to stay put even after a proper spooky welcome. See, so much dedication for a story.
fact – Writer no. His life must already be in bitter soup so this Spooky Hot Setup looks a better dip than chullu bhar paani. Saves him the guilt of suicide, as bonus. smiley

FACT – She even cooks for him. That’s big enough a reason to fall for.  
fact – Sure, for a writer who has been kicked around even a slightest positive gesture justifies risking life. blush

Damsel in distress Meera, welcomes Kabir with moist eyes. She lives alone in this Mansion, with her sick husband who never comes out of the room but you hear their altercation from outside the closed door. Seems like..enlightened

FACT – Shut up. Everyone knows. Don’t be such a Psycho. The further build up is totally different..  
fact – Ya it has a backstory which forms the core suspense of this horror-love saga. Then eventually, you have all that “evil spirit needs to be liberated through proper last rites,” kind of usual story, which leads to a haphazard climax where a CG zombie leaps and flies - suddenly changing the genre of the film.  sad   

FACT – But it has its plusses and minuses.
fact – Right. Plusses first. Vikram Bhat’s Team are very much at home with horror. The screenplay is crafted correctly to take you through the suspense page-wise. Direction/execution sustains the genre without making it look funny, barring the zombie climax. The screenplay though has usual horror elements, but still within that there is a genuine attempt at making it look fresh with minimal conveniences.yes

Till the new talent brings in some out of the box ideas, this genre will continue to have evil Atmas and their Khatmas, so given that, Khamoshiyan promises some genuine scares. If you love getting scared, you might enjoy the film.devil

It is not bereft of its flaws though; likeno

  1. Why he can’t leave the place when he has a spooky welcome very first night. He even gets a chance and hasn’t yet fallen for her.
  2. Why is the Atma so active on the first day and lets him have his way thereafter? It doesn’t try to scare him for long after this.
  3. She doesn’t go out and nobody is seen coming or going from there. We assume she manages her work somehow. But why once a servant is seen in a frame when no one is supposed to be around?
  4. A lot of supporting reasons have been provided to justify her inability to escape the place, but still doubt remains why she doesn’t escape and stay somewhere incognito, the way she is doing in this haunted house?
  5. The releasing of butterflies, disappearance of typed story, cremation of the deadbody and findings in the basement - hardly have any effect on the plot. Why so much build up then?
  6. If Atma could take her into its custody in the other world why it doesn’t do that before?            

FACT – Enough. We have arrived at the haunted hotel. Want to enter..?     
fact – Why not? Feeling damn excited to.. to find a Story.  cool

FACT – Story hummmh! I know very well. Come on in.
fact – Worth the efforts.smiley

   Sanjay Sharma

Critic who loves to appreciate.

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