Dolly ki Doli
Weightless Doli

Abhishek Dogra
Writer - Director

Umashankar Singh

Film Review
Dolly ki Doli:This Doli is Empty!

Dolly ki Doli
Out there to cheat You..  sad

Spoiler Warning – Applies if you have not watched the Promos/Trailers.

FACT – Here’s your milk.  
fact – Why milk today? Why not Daawat on the marriage? cheeky

FACT – It’s easy. Doesn’t need much preparation, mix & serve.   
fact – Oh because you don’t have time or intention to develop a good recipe you are feeding us this milk. You better feed this laced milk to the BABY who will sleep and stop crying, giving us peace of mind. crying

FACT – Oh! Two birds in one shot? NOT POSSIBLE. Why you don't want the milk..?indecision    
fact – When you take easy ways you produce mediocrity. The gains depend on pains. There are no pains – there is no penning. May not be a case that Writers don’t want to take pains but it could be that makers don’t give damn to the script so Writers deliver a screenplay with unidentifiable characters and perforated plot. Eventually the film suffers. no

The Plot of DkD is a page out of “Daawat-e-Ishq”, obtained by jettisoning backstory/motivations etc. At least there, Writers had taken efforts to build a full rounded character, though we failed to identify with that, but here even characterization is half baked.sad

So Dolly is a con-bride who goes on marrying rich guys and fleeing with their valuables on the bridal night. She is doing this because some guy ditched her and she was left to fend for herself. What was her background, why she didn’t go to her parents isn’t explained. Why she doesn’t try some proper job/activity, if she wanted to be free of bonds, isn’t bothered about.no

I don’t know by why film-makers are getting hooked to stories of people conning innocent gullible folks. Killing/ raping/looting/cheating innocents are varied degrees of moral or ethical wrongs. There must be some convincing reason to support and identify with such protagonist without which the screenplay can't stand. sad

Ok, it is a comedy but you can’t ignore basic rule of storytelling. We can enjoy a con story like Khosla ka Ghosla because there is a Tit-for-tat plus many other films because some wrong man is punished. But for a con story to work it has to be a story of out-smarting a shrewd person. If you are fooling a simpleton how can that be interesting? surprise

Then Dolly screenplay assumes myriads of conveniences. Such lazy writing can’t make good con-films. no

The conveniences that are assumed – no pictures are taken in the wedding expect by a member of con team. When you are dealing with rich families, their one wedding has a battery of camera persons and needless to ask what about CCTV Cameras of the hotel / marriage halls? She doesn’t get captured in camera even once during her several con-jobs till the third act, sounds too convenient, given that everybody today has a smart phone with camera.no

There are no servants, no relatives of the families she gets married in? Come on, tell me a single family where you have an Arrange Marriage and there are no relatives in the house. Bridal nights have proper rituals. She doesn’t get caught anywhere..looks so unconvincing.no

Ok forget the conveniences, there are plenty of them. There are plot holes too. At PP2 her team separates from her, but in the climax they are again together. She registers her marriage with the cop (Pulkit) who was her ex, but still slips from there too. Why she married him then? Pay-off could happen without marriage and what kind of pay-off, sleeping with him? If I have understood it right. Sad..sad

She chooses to remain Dolly saying she is born to con and loves her freedom, latter is fine but former? Born to con, do dishonest things for no reason, when you have a righteous life awaiting? Do we identify with that? indecision

She cons simple people in very unimaginative and exactly same way everywhere. The families conned are stupid that they don’t know about this trick. The Writers do not bother to think of new methods of conning. When so many are conned why can't there be a news about it? There is no photo so there can't be a news is too much a convenience. People not reading about or watching TV news to fall prey to her, is another convenience.

The way she is trapped is so uninteresting so stupid that a trap is laid and she walks in unsuspecting. Because there is no smart writing, the characters are also behaving like this. Her victims are gullible, she is also credulous more or less like them. So when Police lay a trap for her, she walks in to get caught. This could have been much more interesting.no

FACT – Anything you liked that also please mention.    
fact – Rajkumar Rao keeps you engaged during his course of action. Being a Haryanvi himself he looks at home with that dialect and is fun to watch. Varun is too good and easy in comedy. Archana Puran Singh is as usual good with her exaggerated emotions after those exaggerated laughters @comedy shows. How you can be over-board and yet working - she's an example.yes
Barring these bits of performances there is nothing in Dolly ki Doli to look forward to.

FACT – So you won't drink this milk?sad
fact – I would have loved to before the start of the film. I could sleep through this insipid saga. But now, I will have a tea instead..that might repair the headache..devil


   Sanjay Sharma

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