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BABY:Not a (Writer’s) Brainchild..

Not a (Writer’s) Brainchild..  indecision

Spoiler Warning – The film has twist & turns but they don’t come as surprise due to the style of narrative. Therefore you may go ahead and read the review, or else.. watch & come back.     

FACT – Let’s produce a Baby.  smiley
fact – What? Are you gone nuts? I can’t tolerate you for a session, we are here solely for professional reasons, how could you think of a baby..rubbish? angry

FACT – You misunderstood me, I meant like the Baby which a few solid people have produced recently.   
fact – People have produced Baby? I thought it just needed two to do that. More means, is it a Test-Tube-Baby? surprise

FACT – No, it is a Film as of now, though may become a You-Tube-Baby after a while.    
fact – Oh sorry you talking about Baby THE FILM..Ya, we Indian are well-known for producing Babies and now Bollywood is also falling in line by producing Babies..devil      

FACT – Shut up you Baby writer. You becoming too critical, remember no Mother likes to hear against her Baby.   angry 
fact – Ya I know..I too love Babies, wish I could understand this Baby’s gestures which her mother does. But what my understanding of storytelling tells - these gestures are lot arbitrary.. sad 

FACT – Forget your Writer’s PoV. See expanse of the canvas, style of execution, the command over know-how, real locations, Production values, direction, cinematography, the lead actors comfort level with such roles, the..   yes 
fact – OK, I got all that and I agree with it too. That’s also an aspect of Film making which accounts for its success and may benefit this film a lot. But here, on this portal, we mainly discuss “Writing” which nevertheless isn’t working, forget any great. no

BABY’s plot goes like ‘arbitrary’. Initially you can’t make out what is happening, where things are leading. With every sequence new characters, new motivations, new objectives etc. are getting added, making it a look confusing while watching and convenient in retrospective.  surprise

BABY starts with urgency.. there is always some urgency maintained throughout the film.. so much so that eventually you get immune to Baby’s urgency and become insensitive.frown

But yes, in the beginning a big blast is going to happen and there are people (Our Secret Agents) out there to stop the blast. I won’t get into too many details, neither does the film bother, we simply understand that some intelligence has been obtained and some key man somewhere has the key info, and he is caught and the blast is prevented.

The film keeps repeating this. Ajay (AK) goes on operations, giving his requirements to his boss, Feroz (Danny) who makes them available, after meeting with the Minister which is after taking an appointment from his secretary. This total activity chart also keeps repeating most times boringly. Depending upon the operation Ajay’s requirements could be a technical man (Kher), a hulk (Rana), a honey trap (Taapsee) etc. this to offer some variety to the audience.

Ajay goes places, catches people and gets info from them by one means or another. Every time, he has the required intelligence or defectors from the enemies come to him or he gets what he needs anyways.

So during the first operation, Ajay learns that several blasts are going to happen in India this year and he must prevent them (someone tells him this before dying, which he wasn’t even asking).

Kay Kay is the Key Key man (Bilaal) who will play major role in these blasts but he is in a Mumbai Jail. There is one Maulana Mohd. Rehman who is spearheading the operations from PoK. All this set-up takes a long hour to establish..yawn!! sad

Bilaal escapes after an engineered accident (why this accident wasn’t done before?), and flees India (how can that be so easy? A most wanted terrorist who escaped from Jail in the morning is travelling by air without any guise? Police/security isn’t on look-out? Especially when his photo is flashed on TV Screens all over?).no

While Ajay is trying to figure out what to do, a boy defecting from terrorist camp comes to his office (Info again coming to Protagonist - Lazy writing?) to tell him that one Taufik is a lead. Ajay goes to Taufik who tells him there’s one Jamaal, Ajay goes to Jamaal who blows-off himself. But no problem, they hack into Jamaal’s Laptop which damaged in a blast that brought down a house!! What brand this laptop must be, we must know.. even the browsing history remains intact.
And then info flows in like water. One Abdul (Shushant Singh) must be caught who operates from Kathmandu. Abdul then leads to Bilaal’s hide-out and when Bilaal is caught the bigger fish Maulana falls in the lap as bonus. You are so lucky Ajay.. not only information, your destination also comes to you like cake and that too chappar phadke.wink

Certain things that are shown could have been not shown, certain other things which aren’t there could have been added and it would make no difference to the narrative (barring length). For example had there been no Abdul track and say Bilaal’s info came through another intelligence I wouldn’t mind, it would have saved a good 20 min. And had Abdul given out lead to another link Kamaal instead of direct address of Bilaal nobody would have had any Malaal...indecision

So things happen a lot conveniently according to what is needed when and more focus is on the show rather than the story/screenplay. There is food, a lot of it, but there is no thought, at least from Writers for the Writers.no

FACT – Let’s know what you liked if anything..  
fact – The climax how they get Maulana to India is fresh. Though again it banks a lot on fake tensions making it look like a forced thrill rather than genuine edge of the seat. You build up, build up and then let it go off..that sort!! no        

FACT – So will you recommend it to a friend?
fact – Actually a friend only recommended me this film.. I will not spare him. However, Neeraj Pandeyji seems to have strong concern for the forces who sacrifice everything to protect us and he makes it a point to show their plight. As appreciation to his effort and during a patriotic high on Republic day, one may rock the baby’s cradle once..no harm. There’s something to watch but not Writing.
Enjoy Baby Sitting for once, it has its own blues! wink




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