Attitude Not Aptitude

Amit Sharma
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Shantanu Srivastava
Screenplay - Dialogue

Film Review
Tevar:Attitude Not Aptitude!!

Attitude Not Aptitude!!  cool

Spoiler Warning – The plot is spoiler proof as there is nothing one could spoil.  

FACT – Ching Rice. Hot & Spicy..   cheeky 
fact – Ching Rice, what’s that?

FACT – Haven’t you heard about it? Ching Masala is a ready Tastemaker used to spice up cooked rice. It works best with previous night leftover rice (mentioned on the pack). wink   
fact – So when you have stale err known plots, you add this Masala and serve it as a fresh dish to unsuspecting kids and guys too busy eating to discern the taste.surprise

TEVAR comes out exactly a film like that. This ‘Damsel in Distress Rescued by do-gooder Hero’ plot has been doing rounds since ages. Seen in bits and pieces from Taxi Driver (1954), Solva Saal, Chori Chori, Ek Nazar (1972), Sadak (1992) and almost exactly, recently in Commando (2013) and needless to mention in foreign films too. Here too it happens as a result of import-export between Hindi and South Indian films. We make, they remake; they make, we remake. Sometimes we remake the remake of our remake.. devil
BTW Tevar is an adaptation and not a remake of Telugu Blockbuster Okkadu (2003), the Director insists. yes

We wouldn’t mind eating/enjoying this Ching rice too, had it been correctly made. sad

Pintu (Arjun Kapoor) is a kabbadi champ, who bumps into Radhika (Sonakshi) who is running away from Gajendra Singh (Manoj Bajpeyi). Ganjendra’s brother is UP’s Home Minster while Gajendra is UP mafia head, who wants to marry Radhika and she doesn’t. So Pintu has to save the girl from the nonstop bombardment of goons and policemen. The set-up is almost same as Commando, including characters and motivations. surprise

Since the point the cat & mouse game begins, we keep seeing same thing over and again. He beating 10 sword wielding people, next he beating 20 stick charging men, next he beating…

Given a choice I would always opt for Commando (2013) whose treatment had crisp & focused plot with a Hero who was convincing in those original spellbinding actions. Tevar comes as a more spiced up version of similar plot which can’t hold you for long. indecision 

But as good audience we discount some shortcomings and try our best to enjoy the treat. We overlook..

  1. Logical issues, type one - When Radhika flees from her house secretly in wee hours and nobody knows about it, how Gajendra gets the news almost instantly and catches her even before she leaves the city? Such slips happen a couple of times, so you have to assume that certain characters have seventh sense of apprehension, which they keep passing on to other characters as per the plot’s convenience. And how is she leaving her old parents behind, doesn’t she watch Hindi films and have first sense of apprehension that Gajender could torture them? sad
  2. Logical issues, type two. The actions sequences are boring, unoriginal, illogical and unconvincing. indecision
    While at times he beats dozen men like child’s play at some other times he keeps running away from same men. The climax becomes farcical when same Pintu whom we have seen beating two dozen hefty men, goes down in a duel with half of his size Gajendra Singh (padded with rug-jackets to make up for it but still can’t match). frown
  3. Logical issues, type three – Continuity. A scene before his arm is wounded and in the next scene it’s fine.frown So you can't look forward to what he will do single-armed. A goon receives picture of Radhika but when he pulls it out later, it is different picture. People circulating wanted pictures don't mention whom to contact if missing person is found, that kind of common sense guys have in the film. Also watch Shruti Hassan's item song carefully there is one interesting continuity goof-up that might interest/bother you.wink 

We can ignore all these but when your Ching Rice keeps bothering us with its gravels challenging our tolerance we just can’t cooperate more Sir.no

  1. When Pintu is running with the girl, the goons are firing at them rampantly from everywhere. Again no common sense? Bullets could hit the girl too, whom their boss wants so desperately. Such basic flaws in direction piss you off.surprise
  2. In another scene, Pintu fools them by threatening to KILL the VERY GIRL. Gajender and all his men blindly believe him and surrender their arms. Come on, Gajender has been seeing Pintu trying to save the girl all the time, what makes him believe all of sudden that he will kill her.frown And if this trick worked why not carry on with it forever..
  3. During final chase when Police and goons are after them, you hardly see him facing any police force. The people he fights with are only goons. In name of Police force you just have two caricatured cops whom his side-kicks block. These cops are also from Mathura Police and they are seen chasing him in Agra. In name of Agra Police we have Shukla SP patrolling with few policemen in his open jeep. Superintendent of Police's Tevar anybody?  
  4. The film’s length is hara-kiri. It bores for long before coming to the central chase which is more boring. If film is entertaining its length is an asset otherwise an ordeal. Adding up compulsory ads, trailers and interval it comes to a good 200 min clamor.
  5. The biggest issue is lack of romance. It is supposed to be a romantic caper but lot of time gets wasted in repetitive action scenes that romance doesn’t have a chance, but in the clichéd Airport scene in the end. Almost half-way in the second half, Radhika develops feelings for him but he continues to be unaware. Like a good Samaritan he’s dedicated to his mission of dropping her safely. But with this he appears devoid of any feelings for her, making him a flat one-dimensional macho. This takes away that most important emotional chord.  broken heart 

FACT – Let me stop your venting, going on and on.. what’s good about Tevar?
fact – The Ching Masala does it job well. Whatever is done to spice up the stale rice must be appreciated. Music is the best aspect of Tevar. Performances wise Sonakshi is ok, Bajpeyee should be careful not to stereotype himself. Arjun is not even in Agra, so Dilli is far. Raj Babbar comes out as best, but his character is failed by writing, doesn’t have Tevars like an SP.

At some places situations uplift the scenes and there are some moments where direction leaves a lasting impression.yes

Like when Pintu blows a solid punch on Gajendra’s temple, the hall reverberates with clang, making you feel someone has hit you under the ear. That is the kind of detail and originality one loves watching. But 10% excellence can’t undo the 90% crap. indecision   

There is one scene when Pintu’s father finds Radhika and they walk together towards former’s house without knowing both are going to same place. This scene is the best one..yes

FACT – So what’s the verdict?
fact – Tevar is probably made to lift Arjun Kapoor’s star rating, his image as action Hero;  rather than Good Story-Telling. If you would love to watch Arjun’s attitude; make a beeline or wait for satellite release but the latter will surely be a 7-8 hours long business. cool

   Sanjay Sharma

Critic who loves to appreciate. www.ftiiscreenwriters.com

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