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PK:Praises & Kudos

Praises & Kudos  yes

Spoiler Free Review..   laugh

FACT – What man, just plain water this time?   frown
fact – Yes, Pure water. Nothing tastes like purity and it helps cleanse the system too. We have consumed all of craps and junks all through the year so in the end comes time for flushing out those toxics. Water also shows us our reflection if we look into it and in case we want to correct with changing times.. enlightened

FACT – It has vital minerals too..     
fact – Invisible benefits we don’t see but are like essential. Every religion has regarded water as a purifier and that’s life’s nectar. enlightened

FACT – Getting too philosophical..come to the point.    
fact – Aamir Khan’s PK is pure and innocent like a new born child. Like this water. And through him we get that refracted skewed view of the world, which otherwise appears straight to us being a part of it.

PK as a film, is entertaining, educating and enlightening, making one proud of our films after long.

An attempt to make a contemporary religious satire, avoiding the normal clichés but yet delivering the message in an engaging manner comes as highly admirable yet told as a simple but perfect screenplay. yes

Won’t discuss the backstory of PK, though you might have read elsewhere or will become obvious in the opening scene, still there is some fun in discovering that.

But to discuss the plot let’s assume like this pure water flowing from the source we have PK born as an adult on this earth to discover things on his own. A thug loots his only property which he wants back at any cost..

Naturally when nothing can be done, everyone tells him “Only God can help him..”

That leads to his journey of running from temples and mosques to churches and Gurudwaras in search of God..and we see this adult child understand the hollowness of our revered pomp.

To imagine such character and develop a screenplay around him is itself a huge innovation. You continuously identify with him as the one who would have at some point in life gone through all this.

The beauty of the screenplay also lies in making it inoffensive for the believers, who will still see God helping PK through mediums to take him to his goal..done very nicely in the film. smiley

There is a scene in which PK chases an actor in guise of Lord Shiva. PK doesn't know he is an actor and assuming him the God himself goes after him to get back his property. I suppose this is the scene to which people are raising objections/finding offensive. But if you observe it carefully, though this disguised Shiva is not the real God he does take PK to a place where PK finds his property. One can even look at this as how God shows him the path by making an actor in His guise, as the medium to resolve his plight. Believers can even look at it as God's way of helping people who call Him, given that in these times He can't himself come down on earth (for petty things). So I think the objections to this scene are pointless.

The screenplay also avoids highly predictable developments and keeps coming up with pleasant surprises and twists. yes

FACT – Ok, ok. You are going too overboard with praises. Let’s assume the rest of praise ourselves. Aren’t there any ebbs here, since we are talking of water?  
fact – There are but minor. Nothing big screenplay flaw as such. Since it’s a fantasy one can’t be too fastidious. So barring those petty issues (antagonist giving up bit easily, when he can use trishul against Boman, why he doesn't do same to PK), minor conveniences (the climax twist appears little bit so, PK though sees Baba lying in first meet, realizes the lie much later, his voice repeatedly gets supressed in Aarti noice), characterizations (mostly side characters, Sarfaraz an overkill, Jaggu's father) their quick sweet transformation (RKH Style), some unnecessarily elaborate scenes (Pakistan Embassy, Stalking on Old Sardar goes all over Connaught Place etc.). But none of these overshadow the sceenplay as such. No significant event where you feel the audience have been even taken for ride, things appearing out of blue and something happening unconvincingly. The main PK track goes like flawless.

Another issue that bothers at places is like certain things already seen in OMG. But if one is writing a religious satire s/he is bound to pass through those milestones. So not to discredit PK on account of OMG, rather on all such occasions PK is much ahead of OMG in its treatment and execution. The overall PK experience is elevating vis-à-vis OMG which was just touching upon. yes

Also OMG Screenplay had many issues.. (please read here my review of OMG for detail Screenplay analysis - http://www.ftiiscreenwriters.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=87:oh-my-god-omg&catid=31:filmreviews&Itemid=112)

Also not that this approach of telling the story of exploring our World through similar PoV hasn't been done before. Aasmaan Se Gira (1992) written by Pankaj Parashar & Kamlesh Pandey had an alien's (Raghuveer Yadav)  PoV of discovering our religion, society & politics.

Whatever, PK is in itself and independent and innovative film that delivers the goods perfectly.

AK appears a perfect cast for PK given his frontal ears and short stature..and he pops out his eyes to add onto that innocent curious looks. His performance enhances comedy and drama equally. Anushka’s character/performance come as kind of supporting which goes well, though she’s better in her usual looks than this bent lips..  kiss

FACT – So this comes as highly recommended watch..yes
fact – Yes indeed. Not to miss. It is like that Prasad which is a delicious feast one can't refuse religiously – For that soul stirring message given in such a fun-filled way..smiley

FACT – What I feel though, without proper romance, solid action, VFX, superhit Music, the film may not make big BO records like AK’s earlier hits.. indecision
fact – Plus the sensitive subject and the New Year freak out mood of the people. Nonetheless, it will have a good run and will be a landmark film for quite some time.. PK Pranam Karo yes

   Sanjay Sharma

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