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Badlapur Boys:Watch the Match

Badlapur Boys
Watch the Match!!  yes

Spoiler Warning – Only if you don’t know the result of the match. devil

Note – The Film I watched was “Shorter Version”, though it seemed alright; can’t say what I missed w.r.t. the actual version.  surprise

FACT – I hope you don’t mind this simple dal-roti this time.    
fact – No in fact, loving it – specialty of a desi dhaba kitchen. cheeky

FACT – I am surprised, you’re not complaining. There’s nothing new in the recipe, ingredients are pretty basic and there is some gravel too in the dal and ...     
fact – It’s not gravel but charcoal particles, normal when you roast directly on fire in Chulha. This is a simple meal prepared with heart. What I am liking - it is an honest attempt to feed rather than titillate your taste buds. That desi rustic flavour after long.. smiley

Badlapur, a small village in remote UP, needs a canal for irrigation and their file is stuck at the district level. To convey his message to the CM, one Rampravesh Pasi does something unusual, self-immolates. But instead of creating any big story the file is closed declaring him insane - Making Vijay, his 10 year old son a “Pagal ki aulad” (Son of an insane). Reference can be drawn to the iconic Vijay of Deewar who also carried similar blemish and recent Charlie of Happy New Year. Vijay goes berserk when someone calls him with that name..

FACT – Almost the same old story.  indecision
fact – Yes, but what’s different here is that Vijay has a knack for Kabbadi. Unfortunately father’s death makes him a quasi-bonded labour so he can’t study or play. Just watches.
He however harbours deep desire to meet the CM some day and tell that his father was not mad and the village’s need of canal is desperate.

He sees an opportunity when he hears of State Level Kabbadi tournament where CM will felicitate the winning team.. So he goes for the kill..that’s the most interesting thing in this film..

FACT – Good. Suddenly mass media becomes aware of mass sport. On the back of Abhishek Bachchan’s Pro-Kabbadi League comes this Kabbadi film.      
fact – But unlike the league, the film doesn’t have all that fanfare, thank God.       

FACT – But to tell a simple Kabbadi team’s story this seems to be too heavy a back-story.     
fact – Though heavy, the back-story stays in the back-seat. That’s not an issue. But what drive the plot wayward at times are unnecessary sub-plots and stop-narrative lip-sync songs.

W.r.t. Kabbadi as sport, the screenplay tries to be very ambitious – journey of a rural team to State Tournament, making the audience aware of rules of the game as part of narrative and also incorporating the killer instincts of any Sport Competition plus the filthy politics and back-stabbing. Everything. A highly commendable effort at screenplay.  yes

But when it comes to other factors there are some problems.

On one hand we have lip-sync songs with extras dancing (of course in thoughts), hero fighting goons single-handedly; but on the other hand there is pretty realistic treatment of characters. Vijay is an extra in the Badlapur team and gets to play when a player is short. This makes Vijay’s character bit passive who waits for chances. Also after a while it appears convenient when a player wants to be excused. With such a heavy backstory we want Vijay bit aggressive if not larger than life. Also almost all the losers players seem to be going good after getting the right coach Mr. Suraj Bhan Singh (Annu Kapoor). The fact that Vijay is extra-ordinary could have been shown more than told – it’s a sports film after-all. (May be this could be due to the shorter version I watched, so blame the editor). surprise

The romance track with Sapna (Saranya Mohan) hearttakes good time to establish and then suddenly she leaves to come back in the end. Also another angle is introduced to the love story when Puja Gupta’s Manjari begins to like him. The village rivalry subplot too gets into filmy zone. Some less investment in these subplots and more focus on Kabbadi, which turns out to be the life of the film, could have worked favourably. enlightened     

FACT – So our final verdict is positive..
fact – For quite a few reasons.. one for the sport, two to encourage small budget genuine films, 3,4 & 5 for the simple and honest treatment, locales and performances. Last and most important, the ambitious screenplay.  yes

Finally - If you know Kabbadi you will surely love the film, if you don’t then film will tell you what Kabbadi is and then you will love both - KABBADI & the FILM.
So go KABBADI KABBADI it’s a SAFE ENTRY.. laughyes





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