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Sulemani Keeda:Struggle Kee Comedy

SULEMANI KEEDA: Struggle Kee Comedy  

Certainly, we are witnessing a new wave in Hindi cinema which is marked by the arrival of several young filmmakers who are experimenting with both, content and style. 'Sulemani Keeda', the debut film by the writer-director Amit V. Masurkar, is the latest addition to the list of films that have little reach but are finding success within their niche. As a new-age urban comedy about two struggling film-writers in Mumbai, it lacks a dense storyline but has enough material to keep the section of the audience that digs realistic films, engaged.

Dulal (Naveen Kasturia) & Mainak (Mayank Tewari) are two writers who had come to Mumbai few years back and have been looking for work since then. Dulal is the silent introvert – somewhat intellectual – guy who writes sad poems about his ex-lover while Mainak is this quirky fellow who, at a time, is either going after girls or blurting out crass one-liners. Together, they make a pair which brings out the living conditions – that are not at all promising – faced by a cross-section of struggling writers in Mumbai. Over a couple of chance meetings, they befriend a girl named Ruma (Aditi Vasudev), a lawyer who is flying out of the country within a week, and Dulal, who has just broken up with his girlfriend gets attracted to her. Meanwhile, the writer-duo also keeps meeting insanely superficial but an amusing rich man named Gonzo (Karan Mirchandani), son of an established B-grade producer Sweety Kapoor, who is smitten by Russian Cinema and wishes to produce his 'out-of-the-box' launch film. While Dulal is undecided about his priorities, the writers struggle to impress Gonzo and the rest of the story explores whether they get their big break and whether Dulal and Ruma find common ground.

In terms of neither the setting nor depiction, the film is meant for the larger mainstream audience. But it has a touch of authenticity embellished by the poetry of S. H. V. Agyeya and Sahir Ludhianvi. Anyone who has spent time in Mumbai pursuing a career in films will identify with its unabashed humor that supports the thin but believable story. The film has underplayed but convincing performances by all the three leads. Amit V. Masurkar’s direction renders it a fresh texture while the cussword-heavy dialogues reaffirm a shift in our cinematic sensibilities. Cinematography (Surjodeep Ghosh), editing (Khusbhoo Agarwal) and the music (Arfaaz Kagalwala, Anurag Shanker) blend in with each other with ease.

'Sulemani Keeda' is an enjoyable ride that doesn’t rely on a great plot but distinctive characters, stylized direction and a quirkiness that comes with an insight into the way the Hindi film industry functions. It’s about youth that believes in chasing dreams but is marred by conditions which make one choose survival over creative pursuits. It’s a film about those who dream of writing films about others and if you’ve known someone like that, it’ll put a smile on your face.

   Dinkar Sharma

Dinkar Sharma is a Screenwriter. His first feature film Second Marriage Dot Com was released in 2012. He can be contacted via his Facebook profile:. https://www.facebook.com/imdinkarsharma.

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