Jack of Masters

Prabhu Dheva
Writer - Director

Shiraz Ahmed
Screenplay - Dialogue

Film Review
Action Jackson:Jack of Masters

Action Jackson
Writing Lackson!!  

Other Writing Credits - Screenplay - Sunil Agarwal and Ravi S Sundaram
Story - Srinu Vaitala

Spoiler Warning – Little bit but not significant, as much as any other review for that matter.

FACT – Hi Son, My Son, have some Snackson.  cheeky  
fact – No Dad. Any other Option? indecision

FACT – This is hot, spicy, crispy, tangy. See the caption.   
fact – Ok, Dad, if that’s your selection.frown

FACT – How many packson?    
fact – Two more than the earlier attraction..
          Hence forth use formula for calculation...
          No of Packs = Packs in previous hit + 2
          Till we get a checkered chest in saturation.
          May God Bless the fortified Fortagenarians! yes   

FACT – Let’s munch this in the shackson...    
fact – Almost everything is like backson. Even the title is borrowed from Hollywood Action Jackson (1988). Why create such clichéd Suction? surprise

FACT – Probably I set out to make a tribute to the Great Jackson, coolbecause you know I am master of choreo-direction.
fact – Then you cast Master of Action and end up with the hybridization. Two Masters making a JackAss’ociation for huge retributions. Michael rest in sublimation..yes

FACT – He did already in anticipation. Let’s now begin the business discussion. enlightened
fact – For simplicity as usual we go linear.
A gentleman rowdy (शरीफ़ बदमाश) Vishy (ADevgn) loves to beat baddies to the beats of Music. Come Khushi (SSinha) a panoti (unlucky) who strikes Jack(son)pot when she has a glimpse of Vishy’s manhood and begins to chase him (with her four female friends) for more darshans to strike luck for her NRI Union. heart
Khushi is not the only one chasing Vishy, but some of the deadliest people too..(unfortunately they too for the same thing, as you will read little ahead). They happen to be one glass-eyed Don Xavier’s gang who is supported by Mumbai Police (Undoing Singham? Ok, he will redo. Project is ready). In the interim Khushi falls for Vishi and he gives up sheeshi (bottle) plus fights.
Reveal Vishy is a Xerox copy of AJ (Jai) erstwhile right hand of Xavier, the DON. AJ left Xavier’s gang when latter's Sister Marina (Manaswi) wanted to ‘marry’ AJ but badass AJ is sweetheart lover, loyal to his girlfriend (Yami) who also wants to ‘marry’ him. Obviously as you expect like in China Town (Hindi 1962), Don (Hindi 1978) Kalicharan (1976) there is swap of identities. The only difference here is - the original Don is not dead but has taken EVR (Early Voluntary Retirement) to cure his wife, who was badly assaulted by Xavier’s men, because of course Marina believes that if she kills yummy Yami, she would win AJ’s love. Don’t give me a break, please continue I surely believe that I will love a woman who kills my beloved. surprise 
Thus Vishy risks his life and goes to Bangkok on AJ's humble request.

FACT – This is packaged food stuff. It has enhanced flavours and colours. It tastes good with tea..
fact – No tea please. After that storm in the tea-cup created by a passing fart. Literally.

I have no objection to most of this mainstream stuff, but coming to the screenplay..

  1. There is no work on characterization. Vishy’s character is like Done2Death superman, who moves around like a commoner. AJ’s character is a bigger superman who is ambidextrous swordsman and shooter. So while Vishy is whackson, AJ is bigger, he’s hackson. He takes sword and cuts the Kill Bill in his signature style even when he is in the hiding. Use some brain man, why send indications when people are on look-out for you? enlightened
  2. The best part of this film is Manasvi’s Marina spicy hot siren. But like every other character Marina is also mindless. Why she goes out openly to kill the guy’s girl? How about doing that secretly and befriending the guy and winning over? Easier given her resources and access and probably more likely to click!! enlightenedDitto with her brother Xavier, who is risking whole set-up for her passion. Nobody believes in cool-headed thinking..because this is action movie and not a thought movie hehe.
  3. The film has several “seen before” characters and events, viz. Boss's sister vamp with crush on hero, superman do gooder, unlucky girl etc. The sequence when Yami is attacked - hall resounds with "Ghazini" "Ghazini".  The film even duplicates its own elements. Both AJ and Vishy transform to good guys in jiffy when their girls ask them jsut once. Both like to beat with Music playing in background. All three girls want to get married. Why on earth would a gangster lady be interested in legal or social ways of living in? Not only that she even tonsures in advance before killing AJ to live like his widow. Now a gangster baby, bred in London, living in Bangkok I doubt would even be aware of this 19th century Hindu custom. Going too backson, Jack.. 
    BTW who is Jackson in the film..?devil

FACT – Humm…it's no one, I mean, you see..surprise
fact – I see, that must be the best tribute to the legend. Thank you. I miss him and I also miss something more at this instant - Some kickass action sequence given that it is Ajay Devgn’s film. At least there would have been some creative solace. Instead you make him dance. Misutilization of kanckson. I hope that wasn’t the idea when you mentioned Action comedy, when he hackson it is action, when he shakeson it is comedy!! wink

FACT – You are an idiot. This film is not for brains..enlightened
fact – What an irony if one doesn’t like a no-brainer he is an idiot. Without you asking, let me tell you what’s good out there. Since we are such Filmy bhukkads that we go and eat whatever is served, let’s see the good things..smiley
The clichéd character of Vamp is done very well and might live in memory for a while. Imagine what if it were a 3 Dimensional character. Yami Gautam looks beautiful with proper lipliners kiss even when she’s hospitalized. Comedy is on the face but pulls off esp with younger lot and kids. laugh
A couple of songs are good (Gangster Baby, Punjabi Mast) and also those our all-time favourite Prabhudheva dance steps. yes
If you are only looking for “just” timepass - Action Jackson works better with your daughter and son. smiley

FACT – I am going back to the flackson. cool
fact – Ya, please jack-up. I shall wait for the 100 Cr jubilations.. yes





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