Zigzag In-deed

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ZID:Zigzag In-deed

Zigzag in-deed!!  

Spoiler Warning – This Film is a Mystery. Although care has been taken not to spoil the suspense, a little slip here or there is not unlikely.

FACT – Ham Sandwich with lots of ham, err I mean meat.   cheeky
fact – Meat is less, ham is more. Bloody marketing. indecision

FACT – Eat what comes in your plate, Lord Buddha said..  enlightened
fact – So here we are. Sandwich is a strange thing, the poor stuff Mr. Ham is pressed between two bread slices..crying

FACT – Just like our character Mr. Ham, I mean..Ronnie, who is trapped in a triangle between an obsessive lover Maya and his returning ex-girlfriend Priya.    
fact – MaYa, PriYa, Ya Ya situation – Win Win for intended double ham (meat) show. wink

FACT – Come on, eat while it’s hot...    
fact – Ok. Sir Ronnie is a Crime Reporter. He just had a break-up with Priya who is now in London while he is trying to come to terms with life. He rents an outhouse whose landlord stays in the main house, is paralytic wheel chair bound and unable to speak. His daughter is hot Maya who is mostly seen drenching in rains, with deep tops for top angle close shots. Spiced up sandwich. Things lead to a misunderstanding that Maya feels Ronnie loves her and goes crazy for him. On their first date while returning in a rainy night, their car bumps against a scooter riding girl who falls in a trench and dies. Ronnie & Maya run away from the scene to avoid complications. Police investigations begin and also Ronnie is deputed to cover the same story by his editor. cool

A twister strikes when we learn the girl killed was Priya’s step-sister. And she died of strangulation and not accident. surprise

The further story builds around Maya’s mysterious character, Priya’s attempts to catch her sister’s killer and Ronnie trying to balance two girls and one career. angel

FACT – So you liked the plot? yes
fact – Yes, will first thank the Writers of Unter Nachbarn The Good Neighbour (German 2003) for the original plot. Our Writers have also adapted it into Erotic Thriller as per their distributors’ choice, almost convincingly.

Though the imported German recipe focusses more on mystery and suspense, the Indian erotic thriller version does get impaired by poor executions from other departments if not writing.

Some extra forced intimate scenes along with songs, effects of foreign milieu still overshadowing and many events becoming repetitive between same characters, drag the screenplay. The first half is the set-up & build-up while the second half is revelation of Maya’s mysterious character, which is simply shown not found out. Then our Protagonist, Crime Reporter doesn’t fetch any information by himself. Priya does some investigations but how she arrives at conclusions is confusing. Why Ronnie is doing nothing keeps bothering you. But then as usual there is one mega twister in the end, which tries to answer some questions surprising us indeed but also throwing open a few more questions. Though technically that twister works it fails poetically. no

FACT – It managed to surprise you? surprise
fact – In a way. But still won’t give any credit for that. As a story teller the smartness lies in concealing the facts not manipulating them. If you tell the story as PoV flashback then showing it as pure flashback is a confusing narrative. If someone feels cheated s/he won’t be unjustified.  Still this may not be as big a problem as compared to the other depts. no

The dark and drab cinematography keeps the mood morbid all through the film. Probably makers thought such things are best enjoyed in darkness.. wink

Must appreciate the background composer's script sense, to prevent the audience from dozing during the dragging screenplay, he ups the noise level every ten minutes..angry

Actors are inconsistent in their expressions making Acting the weakest dept. Mannara (Maya) is able to convey mystery of her character but isn’t convincing in heartbreak scenes - externalizing every time may not be the best expression. Karanvir Sharma (Ronnie) had no much variations but one in the climax where he ‘hams’. Shraddha Das’s Priya is a flat character that leaves us wondering if the problem is with Writing or Performance. Due to all this we can’t connect with the story. The backdrop feels very much like foreign country, single cop investigating, no people around, or similar non-India like things, alienate you from the story. Nevertheless we do empathize with negative Maya, and the film turns out to be hers.

Another issue is Evil winning in the end without any poetic justice. People manipulate humble guys and get away with it.. no good. Twist it in favour of good than bad. It is more satisfying, more Indian. enlightened

Music is hummable. A couple of numbers could even be hits. “Tu Zaroori sa hai mujhko”, is kind of run of the mill but still notable. yes

FACT – Whatever, I found it pretty B-Grade kind of stuff. Too much of skin show. angry
fact – Yes indeed, the way things have been shot, one does feel offended. Camera has to show artistically, and not peep. Had this care been taken, Zid has little less of skin show than many other A-Grade films. Now to disagree with you, we can’t look down upon certain genre of films if they don’t suit our sensibilities. I am against labelling something as lower class. By coming down too heavily, we are killing a whole genre of stories, unfortunately the strongest emotion known to mankind. It is another way of restricting creativity. Still favouring aesthetic ways of showing something, if our Superstars have right to flaunt their body, why can’t a newcomer Mannara enjoy the same privilege? And surprisingly we can see the media bias when Zid earning 5.6 Cr is termed bad and Ungli’s 7.7 Cr is average, if you evaluate in terms of earnings/screen w.r.t. the cast and budget.  surprise

FACT – It is the meat that is selling these ham-sandwiches. sad
fact – Let’s not under-estimate power of a good story by saying so. At least as Writers we must put the story at helm. Many sleaze-flicks release, not all are successful. Zid has meat beneath that skin, holding its audience till the end. yes

FACT – So you will recommend it?
fact – For story yes but with above reservations. Don't have any expectations, there won't be any big disappointment. If mystery is your game, you may not regret. Be prepared for a crawl.

Had the making of this film been correct (trouble free?), with proper acting, it could definitely become worthy of a watch, and a chhota déjà vu of Bhat Brothers’ films. smiley




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