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Ungli:Does not get any deeper

Doesn’t get any deeper indecision  

Spoiler Warning – A little bit. But anyway the plot is not very uncommon to affect the viewing experience in anyway.

FACT – Let’s try Fingers Chips this time.  cheeky
fact – What? Fingers Chips? How can it be a main meal..it’s a side dish, isn’t it? surprise

FACT – Hum Ya, it’s a side dish. To accommodate other main dishes this has been pushed aside so much that it literally became a side dish. indecision   
fact – I am sorry to hear that. Lot of big releases delayed its arrival, poor thing. But nevertheless, fingers chips made it to the table and people like us are having it..yes

FACT – So how do you like my fingers chips?   
fact – It’s just like fingers chips. How much innovative one can be with such item? It’s same fried potato, same ketchup.

FACT – No, I tried to be original, fresh..  
fact – Please, don’t you see shades of your own previous work in it somewhere?

Like Rang De Basanti, a group of friends is out to fight the corrupt society when one of them becomes a victim. Further treatment might be different but still not fresh, wherein you have an honest cop who is infamous in the force due to his uprightness and ‘uncommon’ ways to counter the crime. And he then sets a thief (a cop who thinks like thieves) to catch the Ungli gang. And then this planted cop has change of heart when he lives with the outlawed but do-gooder gang and becomes friends with them and of course falls in love with the only lady member of the Gang - (Adami aur Insaan, Namak Haram, Chakravyuh). Then finally the system is fought through ‘sting operation’. Now tell me what is so unpredictable or fresh about your fingers chips?

FACT – The way the sting happens is fresh. The villain who works as a private safe-vault of corruption, is fresh..  yes
fact – I think, that is too little too late. Also though some ideas are indeed first time on the screen but they get lost in the haze of some convenient plotting which leads to bit of confusion and fails to create any impact. Besides this, the new ideas are also flawed at core, as discussed below in Point 7.surprise

Let’s begin linearly. Ricky (Arunoday), a senior gym trainer who trains his sister Maya (Kangana)and her friends Abhay (Randeep Hooda), Kaleem (Angad) and Goti, gets assaulted fatally in a street fight with Anshuman Dayal. Now Anshuman happens to be S/o The Great Dayal (Mahesh Manjrekar) who is the finance controller of the Police force’s ill-gotten wealth, so Police botch up his case. Hence the four friends form the Ungli gang which then taps common corruption points viz. RTO check nakas, Babus in Govt. Office, RTO issuing licences for pay etc. and score brownie points with masses and media. It is then the Police top bosses are compelled to handover the case to persona non-grata ACP Ashok Kale (Dutt) who ropes in young cop Nikhil (Hashmi) notorious for his scheming ways of kissing err.. reaching his targets. So Nikhil gets into the Ungli gang and after throwing them in Police’ trap, undergoes transformation and rescues them. In the meanwhile the grey haired Cop Kale, at the fag end of his career, has a sneak peek of the filthy underbelly of corrupt Police System and decides to shake hands with Ungli gang and through sting they all expose the rotten system in a fairly bloodless, peaceful & effortless climax.

FACT – So this looks fine. Smooth plot filled up with witty repartees for light humour, doesn’t it entertain? surprise
fact – Possibly but a small section. Mostly the predictable and convenient plot along with so commonplace characters hardly hold any firm grip during watching or leave any after-impression. sad

On top of that, Questions remain unanswered..

  1. If the Ungli gang was formed due to injustice of Dayal & Sons Co. why don’t they move their action in the direction of this particular enemy instead of targeting some minor corruption points like Babus, RTO hawaldars? And wait for some Nikhil to come and remind them of their main target?
  2. If Nikhil rescues them from the police raid, why don’t they see him transformed but instead accuse him a traitor and throw him out? And then wait for him to come back that too happens so easily.
  3. Romance is a weak area of this film, might be intentional. But a playboy who is so used to changing girlfriends falls for one so easily looks unlikely.
  4. Almost everything in this film happens very easily. The Ungli gang can do whatever they want easily, including breaking into an MLA’s house, Nikhil comes back easily, Kale’s sting happens easily, villains are caught easily. There is nothing which doesn’t go as per plan or worse as you predicted.
  5. Nikhil gives details of his whereabouts to Ungli Gang in a pretty straight forward manner, not even using codes. This can be simply viewed by zooming his TV broadcasted messages which come into notice of only our Ungli gang. Police is anyway dumb but nobody else even the media, crime reporters etc. are able to find that out. Our audience who can spot continuity goof-ups of films won’t slip such references. It is enjoyable to see smart ways of out-smarting smarter people rather than simply achieving the screenplay points.
  6. Ungli fails to give the kind of high such Vigilante films are expected to. It passes off without raising your blood temperature - forget boiling you from within. no
  7. This point discusses the only fresh thing in the film which happens in the climax. So read on if you don’t mind a spoiler, else jump to the next para. A trick is used in the climax where a chemical sprayed on the bribe notes turns one’s tongue black as s/he counts the pieces. If the chemical on notes turns black on reaction with saliva, why the notes don’t become black too, when saliva gets applied to them while counting? Not all those who count the money are the recipients and vice-versa. Nowadays people usually don’t use saliva but wet their fingers with damp sponge, what’s with that? And what about the big guys who use machines or men to count the notes? The main villain Dayal, is also one such guy. How he gets caught so easily then..his tongue can’t become black.

FACT – I thought that will make my Fingers chips, a finger licking snack.. but..indecision 
fact – No problem. We can guess. Seems like you were under pressure to deliver, or wind-up, make adjustments, then those delays in release. So over-all it seems a hurried up end product.
Wish you a better luck next time.yes



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