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In Defence of Writers:Our Reviews - Your Questions

In Defence of Writers

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Note – This article is a brief refresher for those who have been following reviews here and could also serve as a starter for the uninitiated readers who are joining midway. I have tried to answer some of the questions a few of you had.. and am also trying to save my skin by giving some clarifications to my critical appreciation of the films, defending Writers in general. smiley

FACT – Let’s first introduce ourselves, who are we and why are we here..   
fact – Sure. People know us as Film Buff Foodies. Actually we are twins – two sides of a review coin. We believe like everything film reviews too have likers and dislikers. In democracy both voices however small have right of expression. So the idea is to discuss both aspects of a review, one defending and other opposing. smileyangry
Big Bro FACT is trying to defend the film or he is the Industry/Film maker’s PoV. I am small fact who mostly has Writer/Viewer’s PoV. Naturally I am at receiving end so I get to grudge more.

FACT – I am also the majority voice and you the minority. When majority likes the film and you have counter view or vice-versa. Then there is role change. cool
fact – Yes, in such cases I have ended up supporting the film makers when the films were rejected by masses viz. Finding Fanny, 21 Topn ki Salami. yes

FACT – But it is not always possible to have conflicting viewpoints. At times we end up being on one side!!   surprise
fact – Yes sometimes, rather most times, Films are so crap that there can’t be any defending viewpoint or some rare gems where there can’t be any opposition. But nevertheless, both of us remain facts, what we call ourselves. A crap film ringing the cash box and a good film eating dust both are facts. And we must discuss them need not necessarily accept them.  

FACT – Let's also explain why we discuss films as food items?   
fact – Because we feed on films. The analogy might help people understand what to expect from a certain film. Almost all of us identify easily with food items so it is fun to discuss the films that way.

FACT – And both Films and Food seem to be so easily connected.
fact – Indeed. Both have a lot in common not just the “F”. Both must be prepared with heart & soul, need fresh ingredients to make it likeable, presented well to make it appetizing, and both must be cooked with precision, a minor slip at any stage would jeopardize the whole purpose. Then like foods we have personal likings for a particular genre of films too which someone else might hate.  Like I hate Brinjal preparations while you relish it so much!!

FACT – Also there is strong connection w.r.t. Writing as well.
fact – Script is the recipe. The final dish depends a lot on the recipe but not solely on it. There are various other factors too. If recipe is original / innovative the dish is well appreciated or sells. If ingredients are fresh / popular, dish becomes popular. But finally it is the chef (Director) who is the most crucial factor to any dish that we must agree. Like a good cook will enhance a good recipe a bad cook could botch up a very good recipe too.

FACT – Sometimes a good cook can make a nice dish even with a bad recipe..
fact – Sure. And at times people even eat bad dishes because of their favourite ingredients.. like we watch bad films of our favourite stars.

FACT – When a dish fails recipe is not the only culprit.
fact – True. Like, when a film fails only Script (Writers) are not responsible though unfortunately poor writers do become scape goats in such situation. Since we discuss only Writing here it looks like we too hold Writers responsible but that's not the case.

FACT – We understand the process, so we will beg pardon to the Writers if they feel hurt.
fact – Hum, bros & sis, we discuss what we see on the screen. That is how your recipe got translated on celluloid but we understand the recipe or your script must have been much better and a lot could have been lost in transcription (word to visuals). Nevertheless, there are some problems for which we can't pass the buck on the makers, eg. Plot Holes, Flaws. That responsibility indeed lies on Writer's shoulders and an error in a recipe could lead to accidents on the Dining Table.surprise
We meet/talk to Writers of some of these films, who tell us their experiences and are kind enough to discuss our reviews and the points we raised. But we don’t meet/know everyone and would be definitely interested in hearing their PoV as well. Besides that there would be many other film buffs who are interested in film discussions. All are welcome to send their comments/suggestions on our reviews if they want to share something. We also invite scripts from the Writers whose films have been made, to be displayed on our site, which could help others learn the craft. So if your contract permits do share your writings with us. In the West scripts of almost all films are available for reading, we the largest film producing industry don't even have 1% scripts for reading!!

FACT – Whatever this is much better times that at least recipes are Written before the dishes are cooked.. imagine old times - making a dish without a recipe!!  
fact – Procedure wise this might be correct but at times we also find that much better films were made in those days. Again similarity between food and films. Some grandmas made finger-licking dishes without recipes while people ruin a broth with best of resources. Then it’s matter of personal likings too. So it all needs introspection.

FACT – One more point besides this. Many people ask, we end up recommending most films as “worth a one-time watch”.    
fact – Our reviews are for Writers who are associated with films. It is good if they watch as many as they can, to have an idea of what’s going around, what’s working, what’s not. And a lot of hard-work goes into the making of a film, again like any dish. Some of our known/unknown friends only made it with sincerity. So it helps them and us, to give it a shot. You may not like it but at least we can taste it and give your honest feedback; learn our lessons.
It’s like a School Fete, we are the vendors we are the consumers. Help each-other, help the show run, as insiders. 




   Sanjay Sharma


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