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Happy Ending:A Different Ditto

Happy Ending
A Different Ditto  wink

Spoiler Warning – Nothing significant..

FACT – Desserts are the Happy Ending of a nice dinner.  cheeky
fact – But please order something different this time. Ok?

FACT – “Wow” this looks quite different..  smiley
fact – But "Wow" again looks same to me. While earlier it was chocolate above Vanilla now it’s the other way. surprise

FACT –  Mind you presentation also matters in serving, it works as a temptation.   
fact – But temptation must also lead to satisfaction else..

FACT – I am finding it cool, enjoying. But let’s hear your take..  
fact – If we put this under Writer’s scanner, you will find what’s little different here is just the presentation whereas rest everything is something like anything. indecision

Let’s begin with Saif Ali. This chocolate hero of 90s has now become Vanilla himself, who is mostly clicking in same same type of differents. Right from “Jab bhi koi Ladki dekhu..Ole Ole” of 90s till now we have been just enjoying to see him as a guy running after girls and then coming of age in the third act and “realizing” True Love. Yeh Dillagi, Dil Chahta Hai, Love Aajkal, Cocktail and the present film is also about such a “commitment phobic” author Yudi who after several flings with different girls, comes across a girl Anchal (Ilena) who like him, prefers “No Strings Attached” relationships. And now conflict is - He falls for her and she says “No”.  frown

In name of plot this is the basic (main) plot which is pretty thin thus leaving a lot to depend on gags, one-liners, slapsticks etc. This works for a long while till it satiates you. The fact that the girl is just like him comes a way too long into the film, after midpoint. His realization of love forms the PP2. So you can see the film leaves little time to stay on real emotions. Time-pass events carry you pretty far and when emotions take over they have no time for development forget catharsis or some drama if you are expecting. frown

There is a sub-plot of Superstar Arman (Govinda) who employs one-book-wonder & out-of-work Writer Yudi to script a Bollywood Blockbuster film for him. This sub-plot is indeed funny, takes dig at lot of fuss that goes around Bollywood and Govinda sails us through funnily that we keep waiting for him to show up. But this subplot too goes like that of Akshay’s recent one in The Shoukeens and not very convincingly merges with the main plot. We can easily guess where it will go.  Another subplot of Ranvir Shourey as Yudi's friend is also entertaining given the funny one-liners he keeps cracking with spontaneity.  laugh

However the treatment remains surficial w.r.t. characters or plot.

Why he wasn’t in love with earlier girls and how his love for Anchal is true doesn’t come out clear. It’s just his feelings we have to buy at their face value or spoken dialogues.

Secondly there are no real problems / big challenges that he needs to overcome including his internal conflict externalized through his funny alter-ego Yogi. Vishaka (Kalki) his present GF who poses as hurdle and ups the ante to trigger the PP2, backs off on her own very easily. Such conclusions make the subplots look just like fillers. Yudi’s inability to develop the script in time doesn’t meet with any objection from Arman”ji”, thereby missing an opportunity of a comical clash.

The biggest issue is that when he realizes he is in Love and takes up the challenge of convincing the lady, he manages that too very easily. There is no poetic justice or character’s growth through genuine realization or catharsis. sad

Coming to characterization modelled around Novel writers - Both Saif and Ilena behave more like film stars than Writers. But this doesn't seem so important given the priorities of the film and the main plot’s focus on “romedy”.

A small goof-up - We are told Yudi’s ex-GF Divya (Priety Zinta) married now to an American, is mother of a triplet. But when you see her kids they all are different ages! Sure finding triplets as a “property” could have been tough! wink

FACT – Let’s clear the ambiguity by mentioning the goodies.
fact – On top of the list are one-liners and fun times with Ranvir and Govinda. Music is catchy, will definitely boost the business. Saif is comic & pleasant and by now a ‘veteran’ of ‘coming of age’ kind of roles. Overall the film is fun to watch if you like easy going smooth and soothing stuff like this Vanilla Ice-cream with Chocolate sauce. yes

FACT – Oh you have finished already. Want a repeat..?
fact – No I will better have similarly different dessert next time. Thanks. smiley


   Sanjay Sharma

Critic who loves to appreciate. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1754709196

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