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Roar:Wild sans Life

ROAR The Tigers of Sundarban

Wild sans Life

Spoiler Warning – Nothing significant..

FACT – Good wild berries, aren’t they?  
fact – But they are not natural, right?

FACT – Hum. There are made in the lab; technology gives them such a nice look, much better than natural. What say?  
fact – We must try everything, given our potential. It helps keep us abreast with times.

FACT – So you liked it..   
fact – I appreciate you efforts. It may not be as good as those grown in California but it still a good attempt. yes  But..

FACT – Oh, so you again have some issue?  
fact – I wished it could be little more juicy, organic.. I liked it appearance, wish I liked its taste too.

Roar is a genuine attempt at making a nice CGI film. It has impressive takes, wide canvas, great visual experience, most things but it lacks on two major counts - a good screenplay and performances. It has the wilds but no life or soul. sad

How I wished, the makers who had access to good technical resources, spent a little on good script with same concept and auditioned some sincere artists; they could have made a landmark CGI Bollywood film. Again penny wise pound foolish attitude of the industry, they spend a lot on other things but don’t want to spend little resources on a good script, sad. sad

The Plot of the film is simple, Hero Pundit (Abhinav Shukla) is out to take revenge of his brother’s death against a White Tigress who killed him. The film is an account of the horror adventures his team goes through in the perilous rain forests of Sundarban.

The story flows smoothly as scenes after scenes you live the adventurous experience, though repetitive sometimes but mostly engaging also overwhelming on two occasions.

But lot of places the screenplay issues come as a speed breakers or worst pot-holes in otherwise comfy watch.

But since in such films where you are enthralled by visuals you don’t notice the screenplay jerks unless you pay attention to them.

You may also notice some acting flaws too. Abhinav Shukla reminds us of John Abraham of initial days. Barring Shubhrat Dutta as the villain Beera, who is a seasoned artist, all of them appear like novices.  frown

FACT – But they are acting as commandos, who are just alert and not expressive so I think that too passes off..
fact – No arguments on that. But a little better screenplay could have made a lot more better film undoubtedly. Anyway it’s a good one time watch with family, as kids would love it very much if they can absorb some shocks. yes

   Sanjay Sharma

Critic who loves to appreciate. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1754709196

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