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Super Nani:Age-Old Story

Super NANI

Blooper Kahani no

Spoiler Warning – Good Performances have been Spoiled by Bad Story..

FACT – Try this makkhanwala paratha with Nani’s pickle..   cheeky
fact – Sorry sir, what is this? You got right ingredients but still you couldn’t get the final thing correct. surprise

FACT – Oh really. Humm something’s gone wrong..   
fact – Right ingredients isn’t all Sir, you should have got a Write recipe too.
Again Penny wise Pound foolish. sad

FACT – Forget it. Tell me have you ever heard any story from your Nani?   
fact – Yes many times. But there were two types of the stories she used to tell - sometimes interesting ones, but most were basically to put us (kids) to sleep.

And with Super Nani, the case is exactly the second type.

The story is of Nani’s times..we saw in Do Raste, Santan, Avatar (Hindi), Swarg, Baghbaan, etc. Cinema of an exclusive Indian genre of its own kind.

Bharati (Rekhaji) is an old homemaker who takes care of everyone in her house 24X7 and those ungrateful kins humiliate her 24X7. Sharman Joshi comes as Mann (Exchanging ‘Shar’ with an extra N) an NRI grandson of Bharati. He sees her plight and makes her realize her worth and she goes on to become Super-Model – teaching her family some lessons & transforming them.  

FACT – Just like the Ujwal washing power she advertises in the film. From filthy black to shinning white in an instant. wink
fact – Exactly. The lack of novelty of the story is compounded further by poor screenplay, characterization and forced comedy by supporting cast.frown

As there is nothing new in the story, the plot becomes highly predictable.

Characters are either Black or White. Bharati, Mann et.al. (includes Anupam Kher & Heroine Shweta Kumar) are white, nothing wrong with them. They are just pure do-gooders. Randhir Kapoor (Mr. Bhatia, Bharati’s Hubby) and his son, daughter-in-law, daughter all are black. They are just playing football with Bharati, mostly sending her to into the out. Can we identify with such people in today’s time? surprise

The way the screenplay achieves transformations of the black characters, is too simplistic, banal, quick, at times convenient & forced and also disjointed.

The son realizes his wrong, when his investment tips fail & he goes bankrupt; what if he were a success?

The dialogue are impressive at places but at the same time clichéd at others e.g. “Amercia se dawaiyan aane mein saalo lag jaate hai par bimariya turant aa jaati hai,” are gems, whereas cliched dialogues like “Tumhara ehsaan mein Zindagi bhar nahin bhoolungi”.. are also used in the film.

Comedy also works rarely but mostly looks forced and frivolous, especially when enacted by supporting cast who try to be ‘comic’. But when you don’t connect with story the comedy can’t hold you for long. surprise

FACT – Surprise, the film is adapted from a successful play!   
fact – Unfortunately it still remains very much within the boundaries of play itself. Lot of things are said than shown. The film rarely goes outdoor barring a song. While main cast is restrained in their acting, supporting cast (who appears to be from stage?) goes little OTT.  angry 

FACT – Enough. Let’s discuss what's good about it..
fact – Performances by Rekha and Sharman are indeed silver lining of the film. Rekha is still underutilized - a lot could have been possible. It is sad that their sincere efforts are going in vain. Sharman has done this goodie goodie self in Ferrari ki Sawari and it didn’t work, here he is more or less the same. Why can’t he figure out the right script to make a solid comeback? Also, it is difficult to believe that Indra Kumar, who is an acclaimed director of comedy films, could have banked on this loose script - in addition also as a launch of his daughter. And then Vipul Mehtaji another accalimed personality writing this! All of them great talents associated wth this film, really makes me call this a "Blooper" attemtpt, a condonable error.sad

FACT – So what do we do with this makkhanwala parathas..?   
fact – Eat it if you are very hungry. Don’t feed it to your Nani though, she may eat your blunder out of love..but be kind to her. And next time please spend some time to develop the write recipe. Why waste expensive resources for want of not so expensive time on writing!!

   Sanjay Sharma

Critic who loves to appreciate. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1754709196

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