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If you are using this New Registration System First time then please read these Instructions

हिंदी अनुदेशों के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें .

1 Login using your 6 digit FWA Registration No.(FWA Memebership No, The one that is given on your card ) In case the number is short of 6 digits please prefix zero(es) to make it 6 digit.(eg if your Reg No is 123 enter 000123)

If you have not registered your Email Id with the FWA then you will need to do that before you try to register your work. To register your Email, please visit "Register Email ID"

3. Check your Email and note down your password. Login to the FWA site with this new password. We advise you change the password immediately after you login for the first time.

4. Once logged in you will be taken to Member’s Dashboard where you will find Registration and other Options.

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