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Written by Sanyukta Chawla Shaikh Directed by Samar Shaikh




In this feature our idea is to discuss one memorable scene from an Indian film. Our aim is to select a scene which is written like a Text Book Scene that has most qualities of a good scene and stays in our memory almost forever.

This one scene I have selected from Bobby Jasoos (2014) where Bobby aka Bilkis sends Tasavur to talk to his father and call off his imminent marriage with her..but the scene ends up doing something else.. as a funny surprise..

WHY I have chosen this scene or I feel this is a Text Book kind of Scene?

  1. It has a proper three act structure in itself. There is a definite set-up, middle and some surprising but satisfying resolution.
  2. It is from a contemporary film. We do have many such text book kind of scenes in classic films. The earlier one we had here was from Johny Mera Naam (1970) analysed by Shri Saurabh Shukla. That scene stands out of usual scenes for many reasons.. read here. The present scene being from a contemporary film itself makes it unique as nowadays finding such scenes has become very rare.
  3. It is crisp, short and sharp. Not even five minutes but tells us about the lead characters, their conflict and their own realizations.
  4. It begins as a frivolous slap-stick comedy, enters into drama, blushes you for a while and brings a lump in your throat and leaves you fulfilled.
  5. The scene is independent of the film. That makes it a good study scene (without discussing the entire film).

Set-up of the scene (Not part of the scene but has been shown earlier in the film).

Tasavur and Bilkis (Bobby) share some khatti-mithi relationship. Accidentally due to their own tit-for-tat they have now got hooked with each-other. Both are career conscious and don’t recognize their feeling for eachother. As audience we know they have sweet chemistry and we want them to cultivate those under-currents but they ignore that and appear disillusioned.
In this scene they are mutually trying to cancel their marriage.

The scene starts here..

Just around late evening Bilkis calls Tasavur outside his house and meets him in a narrow gully. As he asks why she called him, she starts unbuttoning his shirt. He’s shocked and before he could understand anything, she loads him with some temporary jugaad she has got from her techie side kick. This jugad is basically a walkie-talkie kind of system which has an earpiece, and a hidden mike. Idea is she will tell Tasavur what to speak to his father and at the same time she will be hearing their conversation and guiding him in cancelling their marriage. She tells him to go and tell his father that Bilkis is not a good girl so he wants to cancel the marriage.
Nice original idea and a good set-up. She also attaches a 10V shocking system (Zapper) to his foot without his knowledge and uses it to zap him whenever he goes off-track. We have to understand here that Bilkis is Jasoos so these things are normal for her.

All this was happening outside Tasavur’s house and then he comes back to talk to his father. He does feel awkward with the Zapper and as he tries to remove it he gets first shock. Here Bilkis tells him about the zapper and as he tries to remove it but suddenly his mother comes. He has to get inside leaving the zapper as it is. His mother moves inside he tries to remove it again but his father comes. All this creates a nice slap-stick comedy. Now Bilkis tells him to tell his father that he is taking such vital decision in hurry and isn’t happy with the marriage.

He does some more goof-ups as he is talking to his father and simultaneously with Bilkis on the walkie-talkie. His jumble & fumble keeps creating comedy here. Tasavur is a reluctant participant who is finding all this very stupid. He tries to withdraw but..

The scene turns when father himself tells him to sit down and talk. Before he can tell anything, his father begins to criticize Bilkis for not being marriageable girl. Her age, her dare-devil stunts, belligerent character etc..

Here comedy takes backseat and drama builds up.. The scene turns again and now Tasavur begins defending Bilkis. When you love someone you can fight with him/her but can’t take any slander against him/her. As a reflex Tasavur rubbishes his father’s opinions against her as orthodox and inadvertently praises Bilkis expressing his liking for her.

The drama builds up to the crescendo here, because at some distance downstairs Bilkis is listening all this -his feelings which he has been hiding from her..and she from him. A slight blush on her face shows that feminine submissive side of her which was lurking beneath the aggressive Jasoos persona. Special mention here is to an embarrassment she just had when Tasavur’s father was criticizing her. As an audience we begin to empathize more with Bobby here – while Tasavur’s father’s bashing develops sympathy for her, Tasavur appreciation of her work makes us proud of her..love her.

Tasavur’s father is taken aback, some fun returns to the scene when he checks with Tasavur what he is trying to do. Meaning he started this all to get rid of a girl whom he seems to be praising generously now. A genuine 180 deg twist..

Tasavur dialogue in reply to his father’s question sums it up.     

Father – “What are you trying to say?”

Tasavur – “I am confused..(err) I was confused”..

(“I was confused” here has a solid subtext. He was confused about this girl / marriage but now that is no more).

He gets up and walks out (towards Bilkis who is waiting outside for him).

There is less talking when they meet here, very beautiful. She is speaking something and meaning something more. She tells him to remove the jugaad – she has to return it. All those emotions of post izhar-e-mohabbat are in plenty here. With good actors a good scene multiplies several folds..

Tasavur talks very little, so she makes a comment here, that she has learnt he too has a “muh mein zubaan”.

The subtext to this again is obvious, that he couldn’t express his emotions to her anytime and blurted it in front of someone who he was scared of..(his strict father).

Bilkis can’t stand in front of him any longer..like any girl at that point. She walks out telling him.. “We will think of something else..”.

Though for me that important milestone of any love-story when you realize you are in love & propose to the girl happens here substantially in a very unusual & beautiful way.. the film does this in the next scene for concrete – beyond doubts resolution.

While the first act, unbuttoning the shirt, loading jugad and those shocks and Tasavur’s fumbles create comedy..
In the middle act, when Tasavur faces his strict father, it is an intense drama and hidden character of Tasavur & his feeling spill over..
The last act leads to involuntary surrender to latent feelings and stays with the emotions. As audience we get that “fulfilment”; because we have been wanting these two ignorant fools to recognize their love…

Romance track in Bobby Jasoon is not only different but unique. It is a sub-plot with interesting equation & excellent graph. We may have not seen such romance and this easy treatment in recent times..

Please read here, the scene exactly as written in the script and do watch on Youtube when released to have fun..

Scene from Bobby Jasoos courtesy Ms. Sanyuktha Chawla Shaikh, Writer Bobby Jasoos..

-Sanjay Sharma

Critic who loves to appreciate.

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