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Robin Bhat

Takes Aerial Route with Udaan




The Master Blaster of Writing hits it over the stands this time for the ball-lost sixer.

Udaan garnered a splendid 3+ TAM (former TRP) recently making it one of the most popular TV serials of the present times.

The story of Udaan coming on TV is also very interesting, just like the story of Chakor, the lead character of Udaan.
You will be surprised to know that this story was actually written for a film 22 years back. Unfortunately due to some problems it couldn’t be made into a film then but fortunately now we see that story unfold on the small screen with a small girl in a pretty big way.

Robin Bhat, who is a Writer of the TV Series Udaan was also the Writer of Film Story which was named “Girvi” then and starred Ajay Devgn under Mahesh Bhat’s direction.

Shri Robin Bhat has given us close to 70 films as a writer with several of them sporting in the Silver Jubilees to 100 crore club and he’s still in full form on the crease.

After his matchless success with Cinema when the veteran writer plays on the wickets of our Home Theatres he takes home the Man of NO-Match Award.

In the present interview Robinda, as he is fondly called, tells FWA about the story of Udaan and explains the nitty-gritties of Film Writing V/s TV Writing.

Oozing with enthusiasm this Senior but indefatigable Writer is ever-ready to explore new challenges..

Hear from him who plays a successful inning as an all-rounder Writer (Story/Screenplay/Dialogue/Film&TV)
also an all-rounder cricketer, as a hobby..


Interviewed by Sanjay Sharma & Dinkar Sharma on 19th Nov ‘14    

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