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Sameer Vidwans Speaks to FWA
-Director of Recent Marathi Popular Films Talks to FWA

Sameer Vidwans talks to FWA.

Marathi films audiences have a long-time genuine grudge that in awe of Bollywood’s showbiz Marathi films go unnoticed. It was a time during Dada Kondke that Marathi films did make the bang, but unfortunately things haven’t been always the same.

But recently, we have had a few Marathi films that made their impact and attracted the Marathi audience more than the Hindi films releasing simultaneously.

Double Seat was one such film that had first-weekend collections of over 5 Crore. What was it that struck a chord with the audience? We got you Sameer Vidwans, the Director of Double Seat to answer that question.

Watch in an exclusive interview on the FWA website.

In addition, Sameer also talks how he collaborates with a Writer Kshitij Patwardhan, who was the co-writer of Double Seat and both have written eight films together!!

How a Writer-Director partnership works and sustains the creative conflicts?

And also how is writing for theatre and films differ and where do they overlap..

This and a lot more in this interview..

NOTE - This interview is in Marathi Language.


-Sanjay Sharma

Critic who loves to appreciate.

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