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Shutter, a Taut Thriller

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-Manisha Korde

Manish Korde Writer of Shutter, speaks to FWA

Shutter is a story of a Common Middle-Class-Middle-Aged Man, who is bored with the everyday humdrum. To have some excitement in his boring life, one night he hires a hot Prostitute. They go inside a shop and the SHUTTER is locked from outside. What happens when the man with the keys goes missing?

हम तुम एक कमरे में बंद हो और चाबी खो जाये.. The idea can be romantic, funny and ALSO a series of SUSPENSE & THRILLS like SHUTTER

WATCH Shutter, a Marathi Film (with English Subtitles) in a theatre near you..   


Manisha Korde, talks to FWA in an exclusive interview...

Sanjay :-  Good evening friends, today we have Manisha Korde with us as the Writer of the Week. Welcome Manisha; welcome to FWA

Manisha ;-  Thank you.

Sanjay :-  Let me introduce, Manisha has been a consistently successful writer. She has written films with Priyadarshanji and today Manisha is with us to discuss her upcoming Marathi film ‘Shutter”, a taut thriller. And one good thing is, Manisha has placed an ad on our website. Thank you Manisha, thank you for recognizing FWA as a platform to promote your film while I can assure you it will indeed boost the business of your film, let me reiterate something, that our website has substantial viewership among film buffs and you’ll get a quality audience from that.

Now coming to our interview, as the Writer of the Week - where we interview writer of the most talked about film releasing in a given week.

Shutter is a Marathi film, you would have watched the trailer also, if you haven’t watched, please do watch it now.

And let me also tell you and Manisha that I was super thrilled to watch the trailer, because when I went to watch the film on Friday at Inox while I was walking and trying to find my seat, I was entering the hall, the trailer had already started and I was so enthralled, spell bound by the trailer that I stood in the aisle for one and a half minute and watched the trailer. Amazing.  I hope the film maintains that tension, the undercurrent the visuals carried.

So tell us something about this whole idea.
Pitch your story to our audience so that they should walk to their nearest theatre to watch the film.

Manisha :-  This story is about a man who has a family and who stays away from his house for some months and when he returns back to his house, he finds himself restricted to a certain routine. He starts feeling bored, his attitude towards his daughters and mother changes completely. Now this boring person wants some relief, some entertainment, some excitement in his life. He wants to try something different. So one day after he is drunk, he decides to call a prostitute and goes into a shop with her as the shutter of the shop is locked from outside. A bored man who found himself restricted in routine is now confined inside a Shutter with this prostitute. The whole story revolves around this person in this situation. An ordinary man who has a family, who knows family values who loves his wife and children, finds himself in this extraordinary situation, trapped inside a shop’s with this prostitute and this keeps happening not for few hours, not one day, but a little over two days. So this is a suspense about what is happening or what will happen behind the Shutter.

Sanjay :-  That’s quite exciting. Tension building up after the crisis goes into spiraling proportions; like we all say rising transition………….

Manisha – Yes, the idea is always to build up the tension till the climax. Though this is not a pure thriller but a drama. Thriller element is there, all through which keeps the intrigue intact and the film taking you forward..but it is also drama. There are silences, which you will agree are not part of thriller, but Suspense.

Sanjay – Manisha, you have written comedy, romance,  drama, thriller, all different genres. So over all what do you think is difficult and challenging to write, a comedy, a drama or a thriller ?

Manisha :-  I personally feel it is difficult to say whether writing a romantic story is challenging or writing comedy is a challenging or writing a thriller. It is the people who are working with make it easy or difficult. Because screenplay writing unlike a novel writing or poetry writing is not like I am sitting alone somewhere and writing for my own happiness. It is not going like that. Screenplay writing happens when a unit works together. Harmony in the team decides how easy or difficult it is to crack a screenplay. 

Sanjay :-  What we can infer from this is that there is no difficulty as a genre per se w.r.t. the technical work or writing related work, but you find difficulties arising due to inter-personal equations – how you build your team and accomplish your job.

Ok, now coming back to Shutter, where did you get this germ of idea? Was it Prakash who gave you this idea or, how you got this?

Manisha :-  See the idea is not mine. Shutter is an original Malayalam film which was written and directed by Joy Mathews. Joy Mathews is an interesting guy with beard on his face and a lovable character too. Though I haven’t met him but being a fan of him, I know him by his work. He was a writer when he wrote this film first and when he came to know that no producers were ready to produce this film, that time he asked financial help from his wife. That is how he made his first film, Shutter. Now the beauty of the Shutter was that, this movie was appreciated in Film Festivals.  So now, this is a really well-known well established famous Malayalam film. I have adapted it into a Marathi film and its Tamil version is also under progress. So the story came from him, the germ/kernel came from there and the Marathi screenplay came from him.

Though I am a Maharashtrian, and speak Marathi, but most of my films are Hindi so people had no idea that I can write Marathi films too till the release of my very first film in Marathi, “Prem mhanje Prem Mhanje Prem Aste “, which had Mrunal Dev Kulkarni, Sachin Khedekar and Pallavi Joshi -  well known actor from Television. So after working on that project, Sachin Khedekar and me, we got to know each other. I think he might have liked my work so he suggested my name to these producers and directors.

So it happened so that, Sachin Khedekar saw this Malayali film Shutter, and wanted to do it in Marathi and brought in others like VKP Prakash, another National Award Winner, film maker and Prakash our co-producer was also pulled in and this film took off.

Sanjay :-  Now as we know every script has its share of ups and downs, bottlenecks, script compromises and thriller probably has the most, because we need to tie all lose ends.  Comedy you can do some absurd things, but thriller has to be technically correct. So can you discuss those challenges you encountered while writing Shutter even after there was a made script.

Manisha :- For me the original script is like a beautiful long thick novel like any other novels may be Midnight Children where you have languid flow of happenings; you have languid movements where you allow a character to grow on you. But for Marathi Shutter, we did want to make it more appealing for the masses. The silences and languid pattern of the original film was to be adapted into more eventful more happening screenplay. This was the biggest writing challenge we had.

Sanjay - Now that the Film is there, are you happy that your script has translated perfectly on the celluloid or there is a feeling that had this been done, it would have been better..

Manisha - Yes, that feeling will always be there. It's better that I keep striving for perfection than achieve it, because then I will sit idle. NO this works better for me.

Sanjay - Well, Manisha what is next in Pipeline from you, something "Written by Manisha Korde" coming soon..

Manisha - I am working again on a Marathi project because that is hot in the market now. This subject is about 4-5 youths in early 20s, and their fast and happening lives..

Sanjay - Thank you very much Manisha. Hope to see you again when this Youth film releases..     


-Sanjay Sharma

Critic who loves to appreciate.

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