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Most of your Questions are answered here. So if you are facing a problem, please check here before writing to us. Chances are, you will get a solution faster than waiting for your reply.

This FAQ may appear too long to read, but you may jump straightway to your specific query for a quicker solution

Qu – During registration when I go to payment option, I complete the payment formalities but after that nothing, even though my account is debited?
Qu – I get some TCPDF Error during registration and my registration doesn’t go beyond that.

If your money was deducted but script was not registered then please write to filmwritersassociation@gmail.com giving you transaction no and other details like script name & your membership number. We will cancel your transaction and money will be credited to your account.
These problems are caused due to the pdf you uploaded for registration. The pdf converter you have used might have different compression ratio which is not compatible with our online system.
This happens with most online free pdf convertors. Better is to use the inbuilt pdf converters that come with MSWord or Mac's Word official software. They have standard compression ratios and our site is designed for that.
We have also observed that a few members recurrently keep getting this error because they use Free Scriptwriting Software (eg. Celtx) and PDF Saving facility provided by those software. A better method could be to save your script as a doc file and then open it in MS Word (or Mac Word) and save there as PDF

Qu – General Precautions to avoid Errors.
Always keep cleaning the cache memory and temporary files from your browser memory. Our Website works best with Internet Explorer 9 and above

Qu – Problem with Apostrophes. I usually find registrations perfectly smooth, I follow all instructions properly and keep my browser clean. Yet now I am not able to register my script and I don’t even get any error message. It just sends me out of the system during transaction processing.

Our System doesn’t recognize apostrophes in the Script Title. So if you are using apostrophe ‘s or % sign or special signs in the Script title only pl change that, nothing else. Delete the apostrophe and it should be fine.   

Qu – Members’ Dashboard Options. I don’t see all links on my dashboard after I login as a Member.
Qu – All I see after login are Renew and Members’ Contribution Options.

This is mostly because your membership must be due for renewal. If not so, (you may check your validity through date on membership card) then this is because of some technical issue which affects 1 in 30 cases. After a recent upgrade of the system to sync online and offline data, we have been experiencing this bug. If you are facing this problem kindly call/write to us at filmwritersassociation@gmail.com and intimate us. We will look into your problem and reset the validity.
We are in the process of fixing this bug and hopefully it should be sorted out soon.

Qu – We are using other websites which are swifter and smoother than FWA Website. Why can’t FWA Website experience be the same?

FWA is a Trade Union, we have mounted and maintaining the website on Shared Resources. Due to these shared resources we do encounter some technical glitches. Nevertheless, our website is 99% accurate. There are not more than a couple of genuine complaints in a month. The rest of them are all addressed here in the FAQ. To increase the accuracy from 99% to 100% requires kind of infrastructure only banks and institutions can afford. It’s only rare probability that you will ever come in this 1% problem, in which case we are always there to help you and solve the problem by resetting/cleaning or personal guidance.

Qu – How much time FWA takes normally to solve a complaint?
FWA needs around 1-2 working days to solve a problem. If there are holidays in between you may have to wait that much longer. Because FWA office remains closed on bank holidays, we can’t address the problem during those days.

Qu - I don’t see all my registered scripts/stories when I login to my account?
Qu-  I see only some of my registered scripts /articles after I login to my account,        whereas I have registered many more of them, Why?

Please note only those documents are seen in your members account which were registered online after July 2014.
Documents registered online before this month don't show in the account and were taken down from website after repeated reminders and a year of notice on the website.
Documents registered manually don't show in your online account. We are trying to upgrade the system and hopefully that should be in place sometimes next year.

Qu – I have forgotten to download the document after registration. Now how will I get the registered copy?
Please be careful next time. The Download Link doesn’t knock twice. But our system has a back-up in place and an email is sent to your registered email id. This email will contain the registered script with digital signature and certificate. Please store it carefully in multiple storages. Please note it may take a few minutes of a few hours for this Email to come to you so kindly bear with us.
Qu – My registration went through successfully. But I haven’t yet received the Email with my Registered script.

If your file got registered but you have not yet received the email, please wait sometimes the email takes longer to come. 1 hour is too short time to press panic button. Best is to download the file when the link comes immediately after the registration process is complete.

Qu – My file got registered by I didn’t see or miss it and cancelled the transaction by Writing to the FWA. Now what?

Before calling or writing to the FWA, please double check if your file was registered or not because refunding will cancel a successful registration. But in case you still come across a situation where you have demanded cancellation of a successful transaction by mistake, then quickly check with FWA, ideally by calling them to confirm if they have cancelled your transaction. If they haven’t then you can stop it. But if they have cancelled it already, you will need to re-register the script. Kindly note once the registration gets cancelled from our system, the hardcopy with digital stamp has no validity, because the entire system is digital, your document will be considered registered only if the digital signature on the soft copy validates with our system.

Qu – By mistake, I have sent a script to Members’ Contribution which I intended to register, now what?
Don’t worry. We have mentioned on the Contribution Page about this and also write back to the contributor to reconfirm when we find someone has sent a professionally useful material as contribution. Though we take all care, you may send us an email as reply to the acknowledgement you receive for the contribution.
Please note, if you intended to register it, you will need to do that by following the registration process only.

Qu – I have been sending contributions but they don’t publish it, even when it is extremely good and original..out of the world kind.

Kindly follow the instructions as mentioned. Sometimes great contributions can’t be published because the senders don’t follow proper procedure. We can’t type out your entire pdf file to upload it on the site. To publish we need specific format. We have provided the editor or you can attach word files. Use only Standard fonts Mangal for Hindi/Marathi. Many other fonts we can’t even read.

Qu – I have very good script. How can FWA help me?

Kindly note FWA is a TRADE UNION and not a FILM PRODUCTION HOUSE. We can’t help our members find work. Sending contributions for the Website will give you exposure but don’t expect FWA or the Website Committee find work for you. One has to do his own struggle. FWA does help its members by conducting prestigious workshops and Pitching sessions. They are good opportunities to show your talent. Kindly follow the notifications on our website.

Qu – We have openings for Writers/ We are looking for Scripts. Can you help us find Writers / Scripts?

Thanks a lot for sharing your opportunity with our members. You may opt to advertise with us on our website. For details pl write to filmwritersassociation@gmail.com
Alternatively, if you are a member of any Producers’ Association, we can share your lead on our FB page.