Women On Television


For years we have been lamenting rhetorically about the quality of writing on Indian television. Our most painful grouse has been about the way women and gender-equations have been portrayed on the TV screen. Our TV serials and soaps have been termed regressive, espousing conservative values, of being totally out of sync with the way Indian women actually are in our society. And, the complaints have not been invalid.

However, it’s time we asked the question: Is no change possible, at all? As writers, what are our options? Is it not possible for our writing to become the torch-bearer of change, no matter how subversively or subtly executed, to make sure that our stories and storytelling is more in consonance with our social reality to reflect the real struggles of our characters (women and men), rather than reinforcing existing stereotypes? What are the obstacles and anxieties that we are likely to face in such an attempt? What is the creative space for negotiation available to us? How can we increase that? As writers, we are meant to be one of the thought-leaders of society. Then what are our own thoughts about the situation, and about changing the culture of stories and storytelling on television?

To delve deeper into all these questions, we cordially invite you to:

Woman On TV

It promises to be a stimulating and provocative discussion, but with a constructive objective. As writers, we have to continue to put our heads together for the future of our writing.

Expecting to see you there!

(Click here for the Facebook thread of the event.)


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