Movie theater of Turkey, has existed over hundred years and is a world which achieved the make actual very valuable outputs. Our movie theater specially in the 70’s became an industrial area with intense production and possibility of distribution. In the beginning of the 2000, increasing technical equipment, reproduction of specialization, possibilities of freedom of expression that provided by democratic structure caused that production and distribution gained strong and thus our movie theater reached to large mass. Today, near to 60 million ticket sale is became in a year. Last year, 139 motion pictures came out in the motion pictures theater. In this year, finding 150 of this number is aimed. Also our movie theater achieved serious achievement thereby participating international film festival with the qualified products.

TV series sector in our country, gained serious grounds first over thirty years in TRT that is state channel, and second in 90’s with the established of private channels in the private sector. Today, Turkish TV series is an industry which exported to 100 countries and achieved the reach to over 400 million audiences. There are 9 national free TV channels which have production and distribution of TV series in our country. In different genres, near to the 100 of TV series production is made actual and reached to audiences.

As of today total size of TV series and film industry of Turkey reach the one-billion-dollar level.

In export of TV series, after the Hollywood, Turkish TV series rank as second place in the world ranking. In the light of information that acquired until today, our over 150 TV series is sell to abroad. This number is increasing each passing day. Hence we are feeling justified pride of broadcasting our three TV series and about to broadcasting one TV series in India.

Coming out of our country’s films in India; broadcasting of our TV series in TV’s and other platforms; signing of joint projects; realizing of co-productions with the Indian film makers and enhancing the cultural solidarity in two countries is our essential purpose. 

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