The SHINING STAR in a Single Night – Koustubh Sapre

Title : The SHINING STAR in a Single Night

Author: Koustubh Sapre 

Read it Twice, Nobody knows who might become the SHINING STAR Overnight.

Respect art and respect and appreciate others’ talent. This will allow you to become a better person.

Rejection teaches us a lot, more than what appreciation teaches us. So, take it positively. It is easier said than done but if you want to grow, this is the mantra. No one in this world can judge your work and talent because it’s your own. And that is all. You know what you can do and how you can do. Believe me, you do.

Rejection does not means you do not have the talent or your work is weak.. It means you need to work a little more on your stuff to make it more qualitative and qualified, so that next time people have to think thousand times before they reject you.

After you think you have done your best and people still reject you, it does not mean there is flaw in your idea or art work. The only reason behind rejection is that they cannot see your hard work and they don’t deserve to judge your work..

So keep on working hard on your subject and try to bring out the best in you . At each and every stage of life you just learn something new by mistakes you have done or by imperfections in your work. Everything teaches us something new, every time.

Keep on learning. People in this world can copy your idea but not your talent.

So if you feel that you have been rejected and you agree that your idea or work can be copied and implement by others, don`t worry. If you are really talented, do your best from heart and work hard and your will present something new to this world and that will make you the SHINING STAR Overnight.



An Article by Koustubh Sapre.

Article reviewed by Shivam, Shefali and Ruchi.

Koustubh Sapre is a Member in Film Writers Association Mumbai. He is lyricist/ Rapper /  Song producer of music team Rainbow –  Colors Of Life. He is a poet, he perform live poetry and write articles/poems/stories for .

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