The Girl Who Imagined The World – Prashant Jha

Somewhere in a town so small,

Lives a girl who dreams of more…

In an old run down home she sits,

Imagining the beauty right out her door…

What a life she could have if only somehow,

She found herself in the streets of Delhi…

Where she saw a parade to honor the prince

Who killed a dragon, deep in a cave so dark.

As he rode by on his horse named Max,

He saw in her a beauty so rare…

That he stopped the parade and ran to her side,

There he held her hands and looked with a stare.

She rode with him to the castle,

Looking up she knew her fate…

There in the castle is where she would live

Happily ever after behind the gold gate.

They would marry at once,

A perfect match they’d be.

Happy together, the girl and her prince,

Loving each other for all eternity.

What a wonderful dream it is,

But this girl knows in her heart…

Nothing spectacular will happen,

If you never start…

So she steps out onto the porch

And see’s the amazing view…

Without another thought she leaves…

An old town, old life, for something quite new.


Prashant Jha


Contribution from: Prashant Kumar Jha
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