Tamasha (Review) – A Hatke Love-Story

TAMASHA – A hatke Love Story

Hats off to Imitaiz Ali for taking risk on a concept of exploring Love, Dream, Imagination and Finding love for life. It starts with boy VED listening to stories and imagining all the characters narrated by an older guy. The Younger VED (Ranbir Kapoor) meets Tara (Deepika Padukone) on a holiday trip on a French island of Corsica and spends one week with her on an agreement that they won’t reveal their identities so that they can’t be traced. After coming to India the fun and love they shared in Corsica had a resonant impact on Tara and she moves to Delhi on an assignment. However when she meets VED in Delhi, she find VED a different man – a polite sincere, well-mannered product manager seeing this with broken heart TARA decides to leave VED alone and move on. The Clamoring VED leaves his job on a journey to find himself.

Tamasha is about why you need a woman in life and how it takes you on a journey through which we identify ourselves. Imitiaz ali has tried to bring a brilliant romantic drama film in Tamasha. Every scene is well penned. The scene when VED in his childhood imagining the Ram-leela, a heart shaped tattoo on Sita’s hand shows the creativity and the imagination of a young era. From the introduction scene of VED and TARA to the scene when VED goes back to the Older guy (Piyush Mishra) seeking his assistance, to the scene when VED trying make his family realize what he is, makes you applaud for Imtiaz Ali.

The first half of Tamasha is beautiful with exotic location and elegance of music. Splendid & Matured performances from the lead pair. Ranbir Kapoor’s natural act makes you believe he is VED. His conversations with the mirror are fantastic. His immersion in his character at holiday, at work is flawless. Deepika shares less screen presence post interval but still shines at her best.

Tamasha is a mixture of brilliance of Imitiaz Ali + elegance of music by AR RAHMAN + Great chemistry between lead pair and not the least + its unique Story line.

Tamasha is one of those few Indian films that are in their own class

 Nadeem Ali


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Writer & Film Critic

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