Rest In Peace, NAQSH LYALLPURI Saab!

Naqsh Lyallpuri _ Chautha


Naqsh Lyallpuri  (Feb 24, 1928 – Jan 22, 2017)

One of SWA’s founder members, Ex-Treasurer and senior-most lyricists, Shri Naqsh Lyallpuri passed away on Sunday, January 22nd, 2017. Naqsh saab, whose real name was Jaswant Rai Sharma, had been ailing for some time and breathed his last around 11 a.m. at his Andheri house. He was 89.

Lyallpuri had come to Mumbai in late 1940’s from a district named Lyallpur (today known as Faisalabad, Pakistan). He later adopted the pen name ‘Naqsh’ and added ‘Lyallpuri’ to it, as per the tradition of Urdu poets adopting their hometown’s name. He got his first break in 1952 as a lyricist and by 1970’s, was collaborating with top film directors, music directors and singers, penning melodies which went on to become evergreen songs. Some of his most popular songs include: Dhani Chunri Mori Haay Re, Main Toh Har Mod Par Tujhko Doonga Sada, Ulfat Mein Zamaane Ki Har Rasm Ko Thukrao and Chandni Raat Mein Ek Baar Tujhe Dekha Hai.

Lyallpuri had retired from the industry in the late 1990s before he made a brief comeback in 2005-06 penning songs for the films Taj Mahal (music: Naushad) and Yatra (music: Khayyam). He will be remembered not only as a genius Urdu poet but also a cultured, soft-spoken gentleman whose words, penned or otherwise, always struck the right chord.

Screenwriters Association deeply mourns the sudden and sad demise of Naqsh saab and prays for his soul to rest in peace.

Watch/read Naqsh Lyallpuri’s last ever interview in our ‘Old is Gold’ archives, here:

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