Prem Ratan Dhan Payo (Review) – by Rajnni


A Review – By RAJNNI

Love is in the air and it has brought with it the magical, musical, long awaited extravagant drama crafted by the best “made for each other” team of Salman and Sooraj …. Prem Ratan Dhan Payo (I received the treasure of Love)….and served with a double dose of Salman Khan, no less 

The movie reminds us of the time when Sooraj B first introduced us to Salman K aka Prem as the quintessential lover boy…..and 21 years since the epic family drama Hum Aapke Hain Koun (HAHK) first hit screens he resurrects him ..Through the layers of Bajrangi, Dabaang, Kick, Bodyguard emerges this tough, gentle, quirky, idealistic and adoring lover boy…Only a director this accomplished can pull of this fact seemingly effortlessly.

The movie is all about family values, moral principles and upholding personal ethics when faced with dilemmas. Whether it’s the family torn apart by misconceptions or a common man impersonating the Prince, this is the common thread binding all characters. The movie transcends geography and takes us to a land which could be set in any time’s beside the point that the story is very much in 2015.

On the surface we see grand palaces, lavish sets, elaborate costumes and mythical surrounds. However what we can’t see is the detailed attention on production/set-ups, the screenplay execution, great visualization with overhead cameras and the meticulous editing effort.

All of this is thanks to that one person, the director: and we’ve heard from Salman himself that he played out the entire movie to him in the first pitch. Lot of kudos goes to the actors for their indulging performances in projecting the director’s vision.

Sonam looks very pretty, feminine, naïve and dreamy; awed by her co-star.

Salman Khan once again proves his larger than life persona.. He rises tall and infuses blue blooded action into his scenes.. His portrayal of the lonely prince and the smitten lover is charismatic and soulful.

The musical score is lyrical, pleasing and nostalgic…

The movie does have its share of flaws, some clichéd incidents, some emotional overplay but then the brilliance of the overall jewel overshadows it so well….making this movie real, if not perfect.

Family, friendship, freedom, fantasy, frivolity, forts all make a comeback….and all I can say here is, an enjoyable watchable experience has been created for us ‘the audience’ and we are lucky to have this privilege and the luxury of watching this gem of a movie with our families…..that’s the priceless Ratan.

Review by – Rajnni Lalsingaani

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