Painful Goodbyes (Poem) – Prashant Jha

Sitting there with pity in his eyes

As he looks at me and says goodbye

Tears running down my face

How easily I’ve been replaced

The guy who once said he loves me

Now turns his back and walks free

But there was a time I can still recall

His romance did make me fall.

For him I was his everything

And I would have done anything

To make him laugh, make him smile

Just to see him happy all the while

And he would call me silly names

Joke and play games

Every time pulling me in deeper

This makes him fall harder and steeper

What is a life without your love?

My heart dying as you push and shove

Me out of your life

My only dream was to be yours

And if there is a God then surely he

Would do me the favor and set my heart free

And it’s all because you wanted some fun

Or maybe I wasn’t the one

But because of your deception and lies

We are here saying Painful goodbyes…


Prashant Jha


Contribution from: Prashant Kumar Jha
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