NOC required before replacing a Writer

Dear Friends and members of FWA!

To discourage the unethical practice of replacing TV writers without proper notice period (or at very short notices) without clearing their dues, we request and strongly recommend our members to refrain from accepting/ taking over fellow writers’ jobs/ works/ writing assignments without seeking an NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the writer they are replacing.

This, we strongly believe, will promote goodwill within the writers’ close-knit community and will also empower the writers, as a collective force.

Though this has been communicated to our members many a times before and this procedure must be followed at all times by TV writers as well as film writers, it acquires more importance in view of the call of non-cooperation by FWA and FWICE from 3rd October 2015, so that the rights of protest of our members (who are participating in strike at the call of FWA), are not hampered by a handful of non-cooperating members of their own association.

In case of non-compliance of seeking and obtaining the abovementioned NOC, the FWA shall be entitled and forced to take strict action against the non-compliant member.

For Film Writers Association

Kamlesh Pandey

Hon. General Secretary

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