Janam Janam from Dilwale (Song Review) – Nita Kapadia

Janam Janam, from Dilwale

What is it about not moving on without looking back? The song Janam Janam is all about soul mates, never quite getting together but never saying farewell too.

There are the moments in rain, with or without the umbrella, the soft moves under the chandeliers, the extraction of a promise to not part, then why does she drive away?

What forces beyond their control drive the two apart?

A very soft mood prevails which actually confuses us as to why he says the dialogue that he will kill her if he sees her face again!

Soul mates, or the same soul split in two physical bodies is a transcendental concept. It is a recurring theme in world literature in direct or indirect terms. Why are they separated on earth? Why is there an intense longing that is not understood? Sometimes one follows another-is it to save the other half from distress? Is it to help the soul mate evolve? Are they apart because of the peculiar circumstances on earth? Why are they always depicted as star crossed lovers in the greatest love stories of the world?

I hope that is not so, because the best part of Hindi films is that they always have a happy ending.

There is also that recurring presence of chandeliers. There is a very strange fact associated with it in Jain scriptures. The celestial beings at a certain level spend their time gazing at the chandeliers. The tinkling sound of the crystals actually creates a picture in their mind. Their finely tuned senses let them see the sound of the music. What drama do they see? Is it the way soul mates play out their various births before they become one?

Ok, strangeness apart, the song definitely signifies some type of a turning point in the story. I hope the story turns in an interesting way.

Song Review by Mrs. Nita Kapadia

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