Jab Tum Chaho (Song Review) – Mrs. Nita Kapadia

SONG –  Jab Tum Chaho (Prem Ratan Dhan Payo).

Lyricist – Irshad Kamil

Playback Singers – Payal Muchhal, Darshan Raval, Mohd Irfan

Music – Himesh Reshammiya

जब तुम चाहो पास आते हो
जब तुम चाहो दूर जाते हो
चलती हमेशा मर्ज़ी तुम्हारी
कहते हो फिर भी प्यार करते हो

माना मैंने गलतियाँ की
थोड़ी थोड़ी सख्तियाँ की
इश्क में थोडीसी मस्तियाँ की

जब तुम चाहो शिकवे गिले हो
जब तुम चाहो दिल यह मिले हो

चलती हमेशा मर्ज़ी तुम्हारी
जाओ बड़े आये प्यार करते हो

दिल की बातें बोलते नहीं
राज़ अपने तुम खोलते नहीं
अपने मन की तुम करते हो सदा
मेरा मन तुम टटोलते नहीं

सच है तेरी ये सब शिकायतें
तोड़ दूँगा ये रिवायतें
भूल मेरी भूल जाना
मुझको आया ना रिझाना
मगर चाहता हूँ अब मानना

जब तुम चाहो हँसके बुलाओ
जब तुम चाहो लड़ते ही जाओ
चलती हमेशा मर्ज़ी तुम्हारी
बड़ी बड़ी बातें प्यार करते हो

सिखनी है प्यार की बारीकियां सभी
हो समय अगर तो सिखा दीजिये अभी
कैसे किसी को रिझाते है बात बात में
दूर कैसे होती है किसी की नाराज़गी

भोले बनके करते हो गुस्ताखियाँ
छोड़ दो ये सभी चालाकियाँ
बातों में बहलाओ ना यूं
बात को यूं बढाओ ना यूं
मानूंगी ना मैं मनाओ ना यूं

जब तुम चाहो शाम सजी हो
जब तुम चाहो रात ढली हो
अब तुम चाहो जो भी सजा
दो बस थोडा सा हँसके दिखा दो

Even if you are a princess, when in love, you undergo the same turmoil that any other girl in the first throes of love undergoes.

There she is as regal as can be, giving an impression of being occupied with matters far above the mundane, when in reality, she is sulking.

‘He comes closer to me when he wants to. He holds himself back when he wants to .How can he say then. that he loves me? ‘

Obviously for him, all is fair in love, but for her all is unfair in love.

Is he getting her to reveal her feelings by pretending to write notes? Who are all those people with him?

‘Why don’t they just stay out of our lives?

At times, he is almost someone else. Why so? Just what kind of a prince is he? He does the wrong thing at the wrong time? Does he have to draw attention to me when I am being weighed with gold?

He is almost not there when I am alone with him. So what is it all this about? Then, he actually tells me to punish him in any way he wants as long as I say that with a smile!

Does he love me, or does he not? No princess should have to worry so!

Of course, the song is in context with certain aspects related to the film. But for a while let’s keep those things aside and analyze the song independently.

Nevertheless, it is obvious that the prince seems to be showing two aspects of his personality-one, a playful type and one as a prince should be, stiff upper lip and all.

These mood swings are obviously at the heart of the matter.

One can guess that there is some kind of switch between two identities that is leaving her so bewildered.

There are times when he almost tells her that yes, he has made mistakes, and sometimes he has been stiff, but it was all because he had to keep in character.

Though there are a few glimpses of his character when he does go a bit overboard. Is it to get her attention?

In the end, of course he almost tells her to forgive her for not being himself most of the times, but he is willing to do anything to get her to smile, luckily he realizes in time that he is actually supposed to be the prince who would obviously not say anything like that.

The music is soft and melodious, absolutely in keeping with the understated grace of the princess.

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