If you are not mocked, probably you haven’t done something worthy. An Article By Rupesh Kashyap

If you are not mocked, probably you haven’t done something worthy.

Have you ever been mocked when you started something new?…whether it is your new idea/poetry/story/script/formula/strategy or any acts that were not done before in your society/group/company/organisation? If yes, it is a great sign for at least beginning of something worthy.

To understand it well we all need to go through 3 phases of it in order to evolve and grow…

FIRST: They will laugh at you first whatever you do. Yeah…you heard it right! You shall be mocked because you have attempted something noble, radical and unheard of. It’s a human tendency to react on something that they are not familiar with. That’s why a creative person goes thru many rejections, but keep in mind, your ideas are rejected not you. The second phase comes when you have shown courage to carry on with your noble endeavours.

SECOND: They will criticise you no matter what. As you have not stopped yet. In this phase, people have started noticing your effort, but you shall find them lambasting, condemning and besmirching you. But the beauty of this phase is it helps you tighten up your loose ends. Don’t get overwhelmed by attacks of your critics. In fact, it helps you getting ready for the big opportunity. You know what, I have learned thru my experiences that opportunity is all about our readiness. And, if you still keep doing what you believed in…then comes a third phase.

THIRD: They will accept you. Bingo! Believe you me…they will make you feel ‘belonged’ as you have outdone yourself. You have shown your tenacity, grit and resilience to accomplish what you believed in. Kudos!

My friend, remember, it’s a natural human process to grow. Hence, keep doing what you believe in and keep moving forward. because now people want to associate with you. Keep leaving yourself behind, but don’t forget the fact that before starting something new, you need to FIND YOUR MOJO.

By – Rupesh Kashyap

Rupesh Kashyap

Rupesh Kashyap (FWA)

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