Hate Story 3 – Review by Nadeem Ali

Hate Story 3
Corporate War

Hate story 3 the third installment from the Hate Story Series directed by Vishal Pandya. Promo promises viewer a sensuous erotica ride but actually it will leave you disappointed. Writers Vikram Bhatt and Madhuri Banerji have set-up their story in the cut throat corporate world.

Hate Story 3 revolves around Aditya (Sharman Joshi) & Siya (Zareen Khan) who take over the family business, after Vikram – Aditya’s elder brother passes away. After touching through all glory of success there enters Saurav Singhania (Karan Deewan Grover) an investor who is ready to invest any amount in Aditya’s business on a pretext of having a one night stand with his wife Siya which is obviously refused by Aditya and then the corporate war begins. But for what reason does Saurav want a one night stand? Is Siya so appealing or sensual? The answer is NO. So what? And what Daisy is doing here? To get the answer you need to see this erotica thriller.

Screenplay is really very good with lots of twist and turns back to back which will really give you a glimpse of the corporate world. The first part has more nail biting twists and turns and lots of skin show, whereas the second part is dull and boring.

Performances by Sharman Joshi, Daisy Shah and Zarine Khan are upto the mark. Daisy Shah should concentrate more on size Zero. Whereas Zarine Khan looks cute and innocent with a limited role. Sharman Joshi is just natural putting all his efforts to deliver his best. Karan Deewan Grover actually steals the show by his powerful performance. His expressions, intensity are top notch.

For me the first installment of Hate Story series was more promising and appealing in all senses.

Nadeem Ali

Writer & Film Critic

Writer & Film Critic

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