Glamour Outdoing Quality of Films – Rahul Dhekane


With due respect to all Film-makers.. Writers… Dare2share my observation and opinion !!

Its definitely COMPARISION.. but it’s Necessary… in fact MUST !!!


Extremely Talented Actor Irrfan Khan
performed so well EFFORTELESSLY and SURPRISED all of us
Extemely Talented Actor Irrfan Khan performed so well EFFORTLESSLY and SURPRISED all of us with his fab stamina.. fitness and fast running at the age of 45 (DOB : January 7, 1967).

Business : Good.. Average.


Multifaceted Farhan Akhtar performed so well with LOT OF EFFORTS and developed 8 packs and Fast Running Skill at the age of 39 (DOB : January 9, 1974)

Business : Very Good.

KICK (2014)

Extremely handsome Salman Khan performed well and did cycling at the age of 49 (DoB: Dec 27, 1965).

Business : TOO GOOD.

Coming to “Comparison” and Three important Questions for all of us…

1. Rate GOOD, BETTER and BEST movie amongst all 3 movies mentioned above.

(My ans. : Kick (Good.. average), Bhaag Milka Bhaag (Better) and Paan Singh Tomar (The Best)

2. Rate GOOD, BETTER and BEST Actor amongst all 3 actors mentioned above.

(My Ans. : Salman (Good), Farhan Akhtar (Better) and Irrfan Khan (The Best)

3. Is really Glamour overshadow on Quality ???

(My Ans. : Unfortunately Yes)

Your answers to all above 3 questions and criticism to my article will be highly appreciated.

Thanking You,

Rahul Dhekane (FWA Membershiip No. 17691)


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