Geraua from Dilwale (Song Review) – Nita Kapadia

Geraua, from Dilwale, the movie.

Did the lyrics, images and colors of the song ‘Gerua’ from Dilwale, mean the same to you?

A wreck of a man, atop the mangled plane?

A love that was pure when it all began. A courtship which played hide and seek with the sunshine and the shadows?

As the journey progressed did, the relationship became more formal as depicted by the black clothes and the symbolism of the boat?

That it was not about instant gratification, but something a bit more sophisticated?

Was it a love that did not sink in spite of the vagaries of life?

Does the orange accent tell you that in spite of their enduring love, the expressions of their love were changing? Not too much, just a little at a time?

Does the waterfall depict the openness of their love? How powerful were their expressed emotions?

Where I meet you, away from the sun, slipping through the shade, a moment pauses; the sky melts into a mirror and sets within it forming your face.

I come to you, forgetting the world, a prayer awakens in my heart, color me ochre: the color of dawn, for I begin from you and extinguish with you.

Had their love reached a turning point?

Was it powerful because the lovers were true to their heart’s desire? What was their heart’s desire?

Does the rainbow mean that the lovers spoke directly from their hearts? Does the presence of two rainbows promise magic at the end of it? The fulfillment of their heart’s desire because the lovers never swayed from their path?

Actually they did sway, but all for the good cause of romance. Where would we fans be, if not for the serendipitous magic of the double rainbow, the waterfall, the boat, the synchronized flight of the birds, the lava, the ice, the passion of red tempered by blue?

An evolving relationship in you? A wrecked relationship rejuvenated because the lovers stayed their path? Follow their heart’s desire? Did they reach the end of the rainbow? Did the double rainbow bring magic in their relationship? Did their passion unleash

A red that is not there talks of passion that has mellowed. The presence of black conveys the sophistication that hints at a new formality in the relationship. Luckily for the lovers, an orange accent talks of the love that has endured without the loss of vitality.

In sunshine, or in shade, if you follow your heart’s desire and purpose, you will get to the end of the rainbow.

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