FWA Website Annual Report 2015-16

Website Annual Report July ‘15 – June ‘16

FWA’s Website www.fwa.co.in was opened on 20th June 2014. During first year itself the site exceeded expectations with regards to business and traffic. The report for 2014-15 can be accessed here – http://fwa.co.in/blog/fwa-website-annual-report-2014-15/

In the second year 2015-16, we have achieved more than 100% business growth and 150% readership.

1000-1200 Scripts are registered per month (as against 600-800 of last year) amounting to a collection of more than a lakh per month (as against 50k-60K of 2014-15). 3145 Members have registered approx. 20000 Scripts online till now and 700+ members have renewed their memberships online. The total revenue for the current year has crossed Rs. 10 lakhs (against 5 Lakhs previous year).

Besides business, Website comes as a handy convenience to Writers who are living in far flung towns and TV Writers who need to register their submissions at odd hours.

Articles of General Interest to Writers are published regularly. Case studies explaining a certain aspect of Screenwriting, Write-up on famous writer whose anniversary falls on the date, Interviews of Writers/Filmmakers, News from TV/Regional Cinema, Film Reviews from Writer’s PoV, News about FWA / Writing related events are published regularly. Recently an article on Sairat saw 8000 hits within 24 hours. Now we are able to share Videos of all FWA Events through the Website and YouTube. Members who miss an event or live outside Mumbai are finding this very useful.

Our average visitor spends 7 min or views 5-6 pages per session, means the website attracts 3000-4000 min of focused attention of the audience on any ordinary day.

The no of such sessions till the date has now crossed 2.5 lakh with cumulative page views of 8 lakh; with at least 1.5 lakh unique visitors accessing our site.

Members’ Contributions feature of the Website provides platform to our Writers for sharing their creations. Till now we have a bank of over 225 contributions from our Members.

Recently we have also implemented a software to sync both online and offline system. Earlier the office database and online (website) database were different and independent but after the sync operation both the databases run in tandem. So any change done online is automatically updated offline and vice-versa.

Goals are set and achieved in phases. After Phase 2 of Syncing two systems, in the Third Phase, we look forward to making the website device portable, so that members can access it from Laptops, Desktops, Mobiles, Tablets anything they want. This also means a complete makeover for the site i.e. Redesign. Offering Memberships online is also proposed.

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