FWA Website Annual Report 2014-15

Website Annual Report June 14 – July 15

FWA’s Website www.fwa.co.in was launched on 10th June 2014 and was open to general members on 20th June 2014, after successful trials of 10 days.

Since then Website has recorded consistent growth. Beginning with humble 100 odd sessions per day, growing continuously the website today garners approx 500 sessions per day. With recent publications of interesting articles, we even crossed the mark of 1000 sessions in a day. A session is better than normal hit that are merely clicks whereas a session is the time a viewer spends on the website. This indicates we don’t just have casual or accidental visitors but genuine viewers who seriously go through the content and are interested in the affairs in general. On an average, a person spends 5 min or views 5-6 pages per session. So the website attracts 2500 min of focused attention of the audience on any ordinary day.

Our members enjoy reading articles on the site and 1/3rd of the visitors come to read reviews. Some of our reviews have had as high as 5000 readers and an article “Understanding Pitching Process” got 1000 sessions on the very first day of publishing. The cumulative no of the sessions till the date has now crossed 1 lakh with cumulative page views of 4 lakh.

Not only this, the website also excels much above our expectations in terms of business. We started with online registrations and recently began even the online renewals and readmissions on the website. From all accounts, the website has collected whopping Rs. 4.5 lakhs since its launch. This excludes revenue from advertisements / online donations.

The website has evolved in content building, that today we have a facility through which members can directly send their contributions for the website through their personal login dashboards. We have already been receiving members’ contributions and have even published them on the site.

Today the website has also become our digital and global face where we can share news, contributions and interact with our members. Earlier we hardly got 50 people turning up for an FWA event, whereas now with announcements on the website, the entire office falls short – such is the attendance.

FWA.CO.IN is FWA’s virtual office which any member sitting in any remote corner of the World can visit at any hour of day and do any job, check the developments, get updates on associations activities and read interesting stuff. The website has made Sharing & Operations fast, easy and convenient.

As next phase of development, we plan to integrate the office operations with online operations and sync both the systems to allow seamless functioning across different platforms.


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