FAN – Review by Rajnni


A Review – By RAJNNI


Shahrukh Khan(SRK) in and as FAN…the tagline should have read: SK, the star and SK the fan…The director tried to portray one different from the other, but if we look at it from the audience’s POV, it seemed like one was an extension of the other and that’s how deeply the characters were etched, with blurred boundaries…both synonymously working together, like conjoined twins…and to active such a feat, credit really goes to this Star Performer SK…aka King Khan – This movie has Shahrukh Khan written all over it…from his early days of struggle as an actor to his charismatic persona as a Star weaving in between his own obsessed state of a megalomaniac who generates worldwide hysteria among his fans, one who unashamedly claims…if there is an award out there, it’s rightfully mine !!

It’s a life drama with a couple of laughs thrown in rather than a real comedy and it has a more philosophical take on life rather than in a drama, FAN is a very contained, yet a vast repertoire of SK’s huge cinematic universe…It treads very carefully between the reel and real life of a Superstar and his obsessed Fan. This one could very well have been a disaster were it not for the extremely committed performances of its two leads – Shahrukh and Shahrukh.

Unlike most of SRK’s films, which feature large, intersecting ensembles, the action of FAN is almost entirely comprised of interchanges between these two, and mostly a mind game, as one resides within the other.

A very real life phenomenon, that psyche of a fan embedded in transferred glory, the perils of being a near look-alike of his idol, has been dealt in a clever ‘how will he’ manner!

While FAN is sometimes an ungainly hybrid of destructive obsession and star power hysteria, it has its share of hard-earned merits.

The story is as common as life and all of us, at some point in our lives, are all guilty of: this ‘Celebrity Worship Syndrome’ …but here is where the storyline turns interesting…It has enough turns and twists to keep you engaged and I will leave it at that…Don’t want to fill this space with spoilers.

The Director very cleverly deals with this Intense-personal level of obsession bordering on neuroticism, almost psychotic behaviour. If you can look beyond the mundaneness of the music and the never-ending chases, it’s quite a watchable experience…..Very slick editing and clever special effects aids the story-line well.

The dialogues are all deja-vu, because his scenes are mostly constructed, literally, from his earlier movies. But here, the predictability of the sounds instead of being contrived – somehow, shine through with energy, talent and that SK magic, and together with the Director, they pull it off!

I am not a SRK Fan, and I still loved the movie….I can only imagine what this movie would have done to his real Fans…They may go berserk, crazy with the insights this movie provides, and the up close and personal encounters that the viewers go through….So 4 stars for this FAN ! Do watch it, if nothing else, at least for the simple life lesson it reiterates – Be yourself, build your identity…not much point in chasing glamour and overlooking all the hard work all successful people put in, which is what makes them succeed….


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