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Session 2  –   Aug 4 – 11:45am – 1:15pm 








Manisha Korde


Biswapati Sarkar





Biswapati Sarkar (TVF),

Varun Grover





Varun Grover (Aisi Taisi Democracy – a web series, Masaan)

Satya Raghavan (Head of Content/YouTube)
Chaitanya Chinchlikar (VP, Business development,Whistling Woods)
Nikhil Taneja (creative producer Y-films)

The evolution of this baby media: What do we really mean by digital media? When did it start? Why did it start? The torch-bearers. Their struggles and breakthroughs. The major landmarks (in terms of programs), the reaction by industry mullahs & audience. What was the ‘Kundali’ made by bis’punditz ? “Rahega ki jaayega”?

The current scenario: How many web-series, on an average today at this time? The statistics of viewership.

How to be a player in digital media: Let’s say, a pass-out student from a media school from Pune wants to write or wants to start a web-series? What does he need to do? Overall, the observation is; ‘The rookies rock’ when it comes to web content. Is it true? Monopoly of the youngsters.

Can one ‘eat likes’? The revenue model: In other words, can you buy chai-shakkar by writing for web? Where does the money come from?

Writing for films, TV and digital media: what are the differences, what the similarities? What are the advantages of writing for internet or mobile? Is it more freedom of expression?

And this leads us to the question of –

Copyrights and intellectual property rights in the digital media. An overview.

The sibling rivalry: TV and digital media? Who will compete better? Who will kill whom? Will TV kill films? Will web kill films & TV? Will TV die at digital’s hands?

Understanding the twins: web & mobile platforms. How different they are from one other? How similar?

The future of the future: The digital media is looked upon as ‘futuristic media’. But has the Big Bang for digital media already happened ? Or Is it happening? In other words, has the monster been created completely by now or is it still in making? In terms of percentage, how much of the market is covered today? What is the scope?


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