Contribute Content for FWA Website

Dear Member,

Greetings from the FWA Website Committee.

In our constant endeavour to make the website a more happening place, we have recently introduced ‘Members Contribution’ section to let members share their knowledge / creativity.
For this section, we solicit educative and entertaining materials fromour members. While this adds to the quality content on the website, it will also provide you a platform to reach more than 20000 members,some of which are well-known writers and filmmakers. Senior writers are requested to use this medium to share their invaluable knowledge and experience with young and fresh writers. As we all know a website is an institution’s global address, quality content on our site will help improve FWA’s image on the international platform.

Our website registers 500+ sessions per day with viewers reading 3-9 pages on an average per visit. This response is highly encouraging
because they are not just hits like any other site but focussed
attention of professional writers. This number is growing every month and also the time spent/pages viewed.

So please take this opportunity to contribute your best to your
website, and make it a one-stop destination for aspiring as well as
established writers and film buffs.

You may contribute for any of the existing features or send us your essays, articles, papers that would be of interest to writers. You may also share interesting experiences or anecdotes from your life. Any
suggestions to make the website still more happening are also welcome.

To send your contributions/suggestions, please login with your
membership number and click on My Contributions and follow the

Looking forward to a flood of creativity and knowledge this monsoon;
courtesy our highly prolific members.

If you are not able to login or haven’t created your login id on the website but want to send your contributions, then please mail them directly to mentioning your membership details.


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