Signature of True Indian – by Kumar Rajiv Ranjan

Signature of True Indian

I wonder how I could change the perception of people who live in this 21st century but still follow the same old mentality, and who spent considerable amount of time ostracizing and abhorring people of other communities and states. More than 100 years ago, when Britishers landed to invade us, they had one policy: Divide and rule, which was so effective that even after Independence we are Divided: Divided by Caste, Divided by Creed, Colour, State, Community and of course by Religion. One thing that has changed now is our own Indian Government- Who is invading us. Who is responsible for this? If we raise this question to ourselves the answer we find, it is our mind, which adopted the modernization but is denying adopting the Revolution. Abroad when people refer our country they tag it as “poor”. Why? Because even they are aware of our week points. On the other side we “The people of India” are busy originating various excuses to discharge ourselves from any social responsibilities, very few of us, or shall I say none of us? care about the notion of our Nation internationally.

Earning enormous wealth would not make our country rich but only money cannot not gain respect in outsiders eye. We need to grow as humans, and engender humanity inside us. How often do we unite together as Indians? Seldom. When we win the world cup or when Anna fasts inspiring people to revolt. These are those rare occasions when a sense of patriotism erupts inside our bloods, which is like a heavy blow of wind that lingers only for few minutes.

When we watch Satyamev Jayte on television, we curse everyone whom we see involved in those cruel practices. But immediately after switching the channel we switch our minds too and participate equally in all brutal acts by some means or so. This means despite of a valiant effort by Amir Khan to give birth to changes in our society, he ends up changing only a few serial timings on Star Plus. Education plays an important role in the growth of individual’s mind and in developing their mentality .Is it true? I don’t think so, How many of us are educated?, but before you could answer this question let me clarify the correct definition of education:

Educated person is not only the one who knows all the laws of physics , and who knows the resulted mixture of ethane and benzene , it is someone who develops his thoughts and mind in order to achieve some changes in the society. It is someone who resembles courtesy in his behavior and it is someone who could flush out all the society’s made immoral rules. Now, when you know the real definition of Educated person; you are free to answer my question –How many of us are educated? Through this message, I want to address everyone who claims that they are true Indians, but actually, they are not. The day we stop hating our own people; the day we unite again and the day we restrain ourselves to discriminate each other by color, state and community. That day we can say that we are Indians and can build a colorful India .That would be correct signature of a True Indian.

Kumar Rajiv Ranjan

(Rajiv is the Author of India Kolling published by Leadstart Publications in June 2014).


Scriptwriter, Poet & Novelist
Scriptwriter, Poet & Novelist
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