Know the ‘You’ in Yourself – Anuradha Agrawal

In this busy lifestyle, many of us are lost in the daily routine and forgotten our existence. We live to earn and earn to live, live to be Happy but forget to be Happy. Who steals this happiness? Is it the routine life we are living? Is it the people around us? Is it the technology? Is it the competition in market for each and everything? What is the actual reason for not living a happy and healthy life? When we ask this question to ourselves, the only answer comes to our mind is we forget ourselves, we are not living a life we wish to, and we are just playing a role to keep others happy, so that we can also find some happiness for ourselves. But are we really getting this happiness? Yes, sometimes yes we get the happiness but many times we won’t. We forget during this role play what we actually love to do; sometimes we just forget our existence.

We are born alone and will also leave this world alone. But why we are living for others in this life time?

When you put this view of yours in front of others, they will just say you are a selfish person. But you know you are not a selfish person. So leave the world behind and start thinking what you love most to do, what gives you happiness and how you can make others happy as well, while you are living for yourself.

Many of us could not become success in our wishes e.g. you might be willing to be a photographer but your parents didn’t allowed you, so you become an engineer. Now when you are grown up, you want to see your child as a photographer and pushed him/her to become a photographer without knowing his/her interest. This activity continuing as a tradition since ages and we are not hesitating to follow this.

Until and unless we break this rule for ourselves, we cannot apply it for others especially for our kids.

Know the YOU in yourself, try to make yourself happy first than you can make others happy. Now the question is how we can keep ourselves happy, now I become an engineer, I have a family, I have lot many responsibilities, and how can I leave all these responsibilities behind and start photography now?

Which I m pretty sure cannot fill my stomach and how can I support my family. The answer is keeping yourself happy, doesn’t mean leaving your present Job and start doing whatever you love to do. It simply means find some time out from your busy schedule and engage that time to your hobbies that will give you happiness. There is no age limit to start a particular habit you left behind. Be always with people who can encourage your hobbies and get involved into it more and more day by day. There will be one day when you will find yourself at the right place where there is no limit for happiness. Where you will get mental peace and this mental peace will support you to spread happiness among others.

The day when you will see the mirror for yourself will be the happiest day in your life. Also spread this happiness within others, try to know what they love to do and encourage them and show them the mirror to see their happiness in their own mirror. The most important don’t push your decisions to anybody neither to you family members nor to your friends and especially not on your kids. Let your kid know himself/herself since the childhood. You just have to support him/her to succeed in his/her dreams.


Anuradha Agrawal


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