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Welcome to the Website of The Film Writers Association, Mumbai

The Film Writers Association (FWA) is a registered Trade Union of the Writers who write for the Films/TV. They could be story writers, dialogue writers, lyrics writers, scriptwriters, poets etc. Novelists and authors who are diversifying into the films, are also members of the FWA.

FWA’s Mission - FWA is the body of the Writers, for the writers and by the Writers. To get Writers their salt’s worth is the FWA foremost mission.

FWA’s Duties & Purposes -

1. To form a Union of Writers who are writing for Films/TV. Individual writers would find it difficult to struggle & survive in the vast Film & TV industry. Becoming a member of the FWA gives him sense of security & belongingness to this vast family of Writers like him/her.
2. To guard its members’ interests by way of representing them at other bodies like The Producers Union, The Court of Law, The Government, etc.
3. To maintain harmony among its members i.e. the Film/TV writers
4. To promote joint causes and conduct joint activities of the Writers
5. To educate, encourage and promote new Writers
6. To conduct Seminars and Workshops for Writers at subsidised cost, which otherwise would have been very difficult & expensive for the struggling members.
7. Welfare activities for the needy members in form of scholarships to their children, financial assistance for major illness, etc.
8. To settle disputes within the Union among the Writers and within the Film Industry among the various bodies.

Ancillary Functions of the FWA –

1. The FWA registers through its office & website - the scripts, lyrics, stories written by their member Writers. This procedure helps protect the work of the member in case of copyright violations.
The Objectives of the Website-
1. To become the face of the FWA on the www.
2. To allow the members to register their work online
3. To announce upcoming events of the fraternity
4. To honour member/s, appreciate their works
5. To give a common platform to all the members
6. To bring various opportunities of learning &/or earning to its members.
7. To store wealth of material for reference, education and updation.
8. To share success stories of Writers on the site to serve as inspirations to others
9. Publish review & discuss the current released films.
10. To prepare database of all the members, their filmographies, awards, achievements, etc.
11. To display the details of the Executive Council & various committees of the FWA.
12. In this highly evolving technological age, things are changing swiftly. The website aspires to be a contact point of the association for its members & connecting with them through their facebook, twitter, g+1, etc.

Sanjay Sharma
Web Committee Chairman