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1. Do not work without a Contract. When signing a contract insist that a copy be given to you immediately.

2. Do not sign away your rights in a Contract. Sometimes it is better to refuse a offer rather than regret it at a later date. Please refer to ASK OUR LAWYER and ASK FWA.

3. After narrating a subject e-mail the same with a note to the person you have narrated the subject to.

4. Keep a diary and note down all relevant dates and times when you have met and narrated a subject.

5. Be specially careful when you narrate a subject to a channel. Insist on recording the meeting and the subject discussed.

6. Keep your registered copy of your work safe. Never give an original copy to the Producer/Director/Channel.

7. The Dispute Settlement Committee may not entertain your complaint if you go to the media.

8. The Dispute Settlement Committee cannot entertain your case if it is subjudice.

9. The DSC takes time to operate so be patient. Be assured. It has a high rate of success.