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1.LIFE/REGULAR MEMBER : Any person who has had his/her work certified by CBFC as a feature film (or on the Internet), with the credit of either Story, Screenplay, or Dialogue. For TV writers, either a TV serial or a programme on TV with credit of either, Created, Story, Screenplay, or Dialogue by. Lyric writers whose song has appeared in a film or a TV serial, or has been published in an album are eligible for LIFE or REGULAR Membership.        
Membership fees- 
Life – Rs.21,000 , Regular – 4905/-

2.Associate Member
As per amendment 5b(ii) of the SWA Constitution, Any writer who has been professionally and legally contracted by a producer to write Story, Screenplay or Dialogue or Lyrics for a feature film or TV or on the Internet or on any new media platform, with the first cheque having been paid to him/her and deposited, or diploma or certificate holders from any recognised institute having studied a screenwriting course with the duration of a minimum of one year will be admitted as Associate members. The duration of this membership is three years. If in those three years, the said member doesn't upgrade to Regular category, his/her Associate membership will lapse. In which case, s/he will have to apply again afresh for membership. 
Membership fees Rs.4011/-

3.Fellow Member
As per amendment 5b(iii) of the SWA Constitution, Any person who has a passion for screenwriting is eligible for Fellow membership. A Fellow member will be allowed to register his/her work at SWA. However, s/he will not be able to attend SWA AGMs or vote or stand for SWA elections. S/he can attend SWA events like seminars, conferences, workshops, etc., that are open to other members. The duration of Fellow membership will be three years, within which period s/he will either get himself/herself upgraded to Associate or Regular category, or else the Fellow membership will expire after three years. If s/he wishes to become a Fellow member again, s/he will have to reapply afresh for it by fulfilling all the application protocols. 
Membership fees Rs. 2811/-

Mandatory Upgrade Rule - As per amendment 5b(iii) of the SWA Constitution, 
If a Fellow member becomes eligible for Associate Membership, or if an Associate Member becomes eligible for Regular membership, then it is mandatory for him/her to upgrade to that category. If, even after receiving a notice from SWA to do so, the person does not apply for that appropriate category, her/his membership is liable to be cancelled.

When a Fellow Member upgrades to Associate member, he/she shall pay Rs.1000/- as upgrade fee and from Fellow or Associate to Regular shall be charged Rs.2000/- upgrade fee.

NRI/Foreign national person:
Any NRI/Foreign nationals including Person of Indian Origin and Overseas citizen of India, who are writers and are working in India, can be enrolled as a Fellow of the Screenwriters Association (SWA) depending upon their eligibility as per the above criteria. 
Membership fees Rs. 10000/-

Documents required for SWA Membership.


  1. Xerox copy of  Address proof – Any one

(Electricity Bill/Ration Card/Aadhar Card/Driving License/Passport/Leave & License Agreement)- Please carry with original for verification. – Please send documents with self attested.  

2. Xerox copy of ID Proof – Any one

ID proof – Anyone (Pan Card / Voter ID/Driving License/Passport/Aadhar Card ) – Please send documents with self attested.  
3. Two (2) Passport Size photos

In addition to documents 1,2 & 3 above, required for FELLOW Membership, an applicant for ASSOCIATE Membership (whether direct or upgrade from FELLOW Membership) shall also need to submit any of the following documents 
i) Copy of the contract s/he has signed with the Producer along with the proof of payment of signing amount credited in applicant’s account, OR
ii) Diploma/Certificate of a Program/Course in Screenwriting from a Recognized Institute.

In addition to documents 1,2 & 3 above, required for FELLOW Membership, an applicant for REGULAR/LIFE Membership (whether direct or upgrade from FELLOW/ASSOCIATE Membership) shall also need to submit any proof of Credit as mentioned in the above eligibility criteria – DVD/Clip on PenDrive/ Hyperlink of the Film/TV Serial/ Web Series, or Credit mentioned on IMDB/Wikipedia page of the Film/TV Serial/Web Series.

Payments - 
Applicable fees for fresh and upgrade memberships are payable as mentioned above.
We accept cash/cheque/DD in the name of ‘Screenwriters Association.’
If you want your card to be delivered at your address please add Rs. 50 to the applicable fees towards courier and handling charges. 

For further queries, 
Email at - filmwritersassociation@gmail.com 
Call on 022-26733108/26733027 (11 am to 6 pm Mon-Sat except Public Holidays).
Website: www.fwa.co.in