1. I am a new writer. if i become a member with FWA, will it help me if my rights are violated?
Yes. FWA's Dispute Settlement Committee will take measures in helping you with the legal procedure of claiming your due rights in case of a copyright infringement or theft of your registered work or in a matter concerning wages and credit.

2. Suppose I'm not a member of FWA but right now in a dispute with a party who I feel, has violated my rights. Can I turn to FWA for supprot?
No. FWA is a trade union which provides help and support only to its members.

3. Can I turn to any other organization/union if I'm not a member of FWA in a case of a copy right infringement?
Yes. You can turn to the court in case of an IPR violation and hire the services of lawyers with expertise in related matters.

4. They say I don't get a copyright on an 'idea'. What does that mean? How can I ensure that my original thought gets a leagal acknowledgement?
An idea is a seed, germ of a thought; which has not been worked upon to its capacity. An idea, by sheer co-incidence can strike more than one person. The best practics is to develop your ideas into treatments or stories. Please get them registered before narrating to anyone.

5. I have been fired from a project i was doing. The director/producer is now working with another writer/s. If my contract confirms this act as a violation should I go to DSC first or send a legal notice directly?
You should come to the DSC and they shall take your case forward. Taking any legal action without following the proper procedure would bar DSC to intervene at a later stage. Please insist on NOC's if you are taking over the job of another writer.

6. I have had script meetings with a director/procedure and i have given ideas/concepts which were liked. In the meanwhile he got busy with some other things and we stopped meeting. I came to know recently that he's working on a similar idea all by himself (or say with some other writer/s). How can I claim my rights on the matter?
Keep registering your ideas as and when you narrate them or give them to the producer /s. Keep a reord of your meetings. The DSC shall help you get your dues in such cases.